Pardot Marketing Automation Adds Over 50 New Clients in Q2 2010

Pardot Marketing Automation Adds Over 50 New Clients in Q2 2010

Pardot adds more than 50 new clients for its third straight quarter.

Pardot, a leader in marketing automation technology for small and mid-sized businesses, welcomed more than 50 new customers in the Q2 of 2010. This marks the third straight quarter that Pardot has exceeded sales forecasts, growing their client list by more than 50 new companies each quarter. Pardot delivers best-in-class marketing automation tools to over 300 companies worldwide.

“I think our growth stems both from our continuously evolving feature set and from our reputation for stellar customer service,” said Adam Blitzer, COO and Co-Founder of Pardot. “We’ve brought in over 50 clients for three quarters running. Marketers are starting to get jazzed up about how marketing automation can enhance their digital campaigns, and sales teams are taking notice too. With features like LeadDeck , which provides real-time alerts for sales users, it’s not hard to become addicted to the easy access to information that Pardot provides. This technology is changing the way that people sell in today’s competitive market.”

So far this year, Pardot has added several exciting features to enhance its marketing automation suite. The new lead nurturing tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of online marketing campaigns

  • Freedom and flexibility with no contracts, low monthly pricing, and easily modified plans
  • Personalized support from Pardot’s outstanding services team and client advocates
  • A collaborative user community with interactive forums and idea exchanges
  • Pardot provides B2B marketing teams with easy-to-use tools that empower them to build and manage online campaigns without requiring technical expertise. Drag-and-drop builders, visual editors and pre-formatted templates allow marketers to build sophisticated campaigns with ease, while micro-level tracking shows true  

    About Pardot

    Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software provider that increases revenue and maximizes efficiency for companies with multi-touch sales cycles. Pardot’s lead management software, features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability. Pardot’s pricing plans start as low as $500 per month, and plans do not require contracts.