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Powerful New Feature for Agency Partners

New feature allows partner agencies to manage all of their clients from one central agency account.

Atlanta, July 24th, 2007. Pardot LLC, creator of Prospect Insight, a web marketing automation solution designed for B2B marketers, has announced a key new feature in Prospect Insight.

As part of a number of features integrated into the application, Pardot has announced that Prospect Insight will now allow agencies to access multiple client accounts from one central interface. This new feature will allow partners to streamline the implementation of Prospect Insight among their clients and make changes as needed much more efficiently. Whether they are setting up new accounts and implementing Prospect Insight for a new client or simply creating new landing pages and layout templates for their existing customers, agencies will be able to help their clients without the hassle of multiple logins.

Agencies with B2B clients are invited to become Pardot strategic partners. Pardot partners:

  • Receive your own Prospect Insight implementation at a reduced price
  • Earn commission on each additional Prospect Insight implementation that you initiate
  • Boost your own business by offering your clients a solution that meets their marketing and sales needs

About Prospect Insight

Pardot’s Prospect Insight is a powerful web marketing automation solution for B2B marketers. The on-demand suite solves the integration challenges faced by B2B marketers today by allowing them to control formerly disparate online and offline marketing tools such as paid search, email mail, live chat, email, and event management from one central interface.

Coupled with an advanced web analytics functionality, Prospect Insight allows you to record details of every touch point with a prospect and feed that information into an integrated CRM system such as or SugarCRM. Closing the loop on your sales process is now a reality.

About Pardot

Pardot is an industry-leading provider of on-demand web marketing automation solutions. Prospect Insight, Pardot’s marketing suite, has been well received by clients due to its rich feature set, ease of use, and flexibility.

Founded in 2006, Pardot is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.