We take email deliverability very seriously at Pardot – monitoring bounce and complaint rates to protect our clients’ sending reputation, and helping our clients tweak their email content so their messages end up in their prospects’ inboxes rather than being caught by the dreaded spam filters. Since we’ve been growing rather quickly, we decided to start looking for a full-time Email Deliverability Manager (aka Email Marketing Ninja)…and we’re offering a $10,001 referral bonus to help speed up the search!

The Email Deliverability Manager will report to the VP of Product and responsibilities will include consulting with clients about email authentication and deliverability best practices, investigating delivery issues, and making suggestions to improve the product interface and email infrastructure. A more detailed description is available on our careers page.

The rules are basically the same as those for the engineering referral bonus:

  1. The referred candidate must actually know you (duh!) and acknowledge that you sent him/her our way.
  2. You can be a recruiter but the $10,001 would be in lieu of any other remuneration you would normally earn on a placement. It would also not construe any ongoing contract for placement with Pardot.
  3. You can either send an email to jobs@pardot.com with the candidate’s information or the candidate can contact us directly and list you as a reference. If we receive multiple intro contacts for the same candidate, the first one received will win out.
  4. The $10,001 will be paid out 120 days from the candidate’s start date.

More information about the responsibilities and requirements for this position and details about other positions we’re hiring for are available on our careers page.

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Stephanie Gray