By popular demand from our clients, we have implemented campaign integration for Form Completion Actions, Automation Rules, and Segmentation Rules. Now you can easily tag prospects with campaigns based on what they do on your website.


  1. Remember that prospects are not automatically pushed into (they are pushed in when they are assigned to a User, a Queue, or a Group). We store the campaign record and status with the prospect and then sync this information over to your CRM once a triggering event occurs (typically an assignment of the prospect).
  2. Your Campaigns (and the options associated with them) are pulled into Pardot during the pull/sync routine. If you create a new Campaign object in, you may have to wait a few minutes until it is available in Pardot.
  3. If the record already exists in with that campaign and a given status, Pardot will always overwrite the existing status if a triggering event causes a status change (form completion, automation rule, etc.).

Next up is Campaign integration for Drip Programs and List Emails.

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12 responses to Campaign sync for Form Actions, Automation, and more!

  1. Nice!! Thanks for listening. Looking forward to implementing this.

  2. I am hoping this is being explored for customers using Netsuite as well!

    • Hey Steve — it is. Anything we aim to do anything we do for the connector in NetSuite, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well. The trick is complexity. Some systems are easier than others (e.g. every instance is roughly the same so development has less hurdles) so that dictates the order in which we roll them out.

  3. Yes, this has been needed for a while. Thank you!! I went into all my forms and set the rule to be added to the appropriate SF campaign. I noticed this morning, someone that completed a form and was already set as a member of the campaign (status=sent), Pardot did not update their status in the salesforce campaign to registered. I set the completion rule to add to campaign with status of registered. Will this feature not work if someone is already associated with the campaign?

    • Hi Charlene, it actually always overwrites the status that is in It is not instantaneous, however, and is batched for processing. It then gets sent up to when that record syncs. I have a feeling you saw the record before the information synced up to If that’s not the case, would you mind reaching out to our support team and they can take a look at your specific example? Thanks!

  4. Any plan to also allow for SFDC campaign tagging upon importing to Pardot? We do a lot of webinars and upon importing the new leads from a webinar it would be great to tag them with the appropriate SFDC campaign as well. Using the form completed action won’t work for us, because we have hundreds of forms on our site. Going back and updating that with the corresponding SFDC campaigns would be brutal :)

  5. It looks like this is still only for activities prospects take on the website. Any plan in increase the actions Pardot can take based on the way someone is interacting with or responding to emails? For example being able to set an automation rule based on clicking on a specific email template or “add to campaign” as an action in a drip campaign – or even add a entire list to a campaign in SFDC.

  6. Also – it would be great if there was a way to manually refresh the list of SFDC campaigns that Prospect Insight can see. We created a campaign in SFDC this afternoon, and then started to create an automation rule in Pardot to assign some prospects to the campaign in question. Unfortunately, the SFDC campaign was not available in the pick list – probably because the 2 systems have yet to sync…

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