We have added three new heads up stats to the top of the lists screen so that you can see Total Prospects, Mailable Prospects, and % Mailable at a glance. Previously you could only see this on the lists overview page (showing all of your lists). We have also separated list information into three tabs, defaulting to the Prospects tab (e.g. list members).

You will start to see more and more heads up stats throughout the product. Pardot displays a ton of data and these call-outs help show you what is important at a glance.

New Lists Interface

Adam Blitzer

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7 responses to New Lists interface with heads up stats and tabbed layout

  1. Looks good. I did notice that under list usage, it puts the drips that a list is associated with whether they are on that drip or suppressed from that drip. Maybe there could be a distinction between a list being suppressed from a list on that page.

  2. Nice tweak. Andin IE8 the boxes with the info are lovely and clear. However, the actual detail has been made miniscule below it. Almost unusable. Could someone please look into it.

  3. I was hoping to see this type of counting function in the main prospect list…so when I filter that list…I get counts. Any thoughts?