Pardot now syncs bidirectionally with Citrix GoToWebinar to seamlessly register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity all from within the Pardot marketing automation system.


  • Register prospects for GoToWebinar events from Pardot forms via completion actions
  • Display registrations and attendance as activities in the prospect record and score them
  • Report on registrations and attendance for GoToWebinar events

Pardot GoToWebinar Integration

Adam Blitzer

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4 responses to GoToWebinar Integration

  1. This is AWESOME Adam and Pardot – way to go!!

  2. Is there any way to query the Attendance Status field to see if a prospect has attended a webinar and which one it was. Then save the date in custom field?

    • Are you looking for a way to query for people that have attended ANY webinar or a specific one? You can see the attendance status in the webinar report (Reporting –> Webinars). We don’t store the date in a custom field but if you export the table of attendees (click on the number of attendees to see the prospects) you will see the date as a column.