Pardot automatically deduplicates prospects within your distribution list (if you select multiple email lists, a prospect will only receive one email in spite of possibly being on more than one list). You can also select suppression lists (lists of prospects who SHOULD NOT receive your email). Lastly, Pardot also automatically suppresses anyone who has unsubscribed from emails or has hard bounced (or had five soft bounces). Given all of these suppressions, it can be difficult to predict exactly how many prospects will be sent a list email.

Now you can click a button calculate the total on the distribution screen.

Calculate Total Distribution List

The total distribution size will also be displayed for you automatically on the confirmation screen of the email wizard.

Email Distribution Confirmation

Adam Blitzer

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10 responses to New Feature: Calculate total distribution before sending an email

  1. Thanks so much! This helps a ton.

  2. I have but one word to describe this: groovy. In fact, the total groovyness of this is utterly beyond my comprehension. Thanks to the gang at Pardot for all the highly useful new features. Because of Pardot, I’m now two inches taller, more buff and tanned, and people look upon me with admiration and envy.

    Seriously, you’ve added a ton of features in the past year that make Pardot easier to use and more powerful.


  3. Brian — you always know how to crack us up over here. Thanks as always for the awesome support!

  4. Ditto to Brian – really impressed with the flurry of new features this week. Really helps with usability.

    • Thanks Anita — we appreciate all of the ideas you have given to us and the feedback on some of our recent additions.

  5. Thank you! I really appreciate all the great new changes :)

  6. I love this new feature!

  7. Is there any way looking forward that Pardot can display a preview of those people who are receiving the email? It would be nice to take a quick glance at this list to triple check who will be getting it.