Pardot has always been good at showing you when prospects were created, when they submit forms, etc. Sometimes, however, you want to see how many net new prospects your site is generating. How many visitors are turning into prospects (as opposed to people you meet at a tradeshow and import into Pardot for example).


The dashboard has been updated to show conversions by timeframe. You will still also see the total number of prospects created in a given timeframe but bear in mind that that stat will generally be a higher number as it includes records pushed into Pardot from any source (pushed down from your CRM, imported via CSV, etc.) as opposed to those created via forms, landing pages, etc. Note that in the example below, it shows 2,550 prospects created in the past week but only 174 conversions. The majority of the created prospects in this case were imported (from an event, partner marketing, etc.).

Conversions on the Pardot Dashboard

Conversion Report

There is a new report available called Conversions, which details conversions by day and shows you a list of all of the net new prospects generated. You can drill down by date to narrow the list of prospects using whatever parameters you like.

Conversion Report

Prospect Screen

We now show the Conversion Point (how) and Conversion Date (when) on individual prospect screens. Note that many prospects may not have conversion points (e.g. prospects you imported as opposed to those who converted naturally from visitors on your site). Eventually we will start syncing these two fields into your CRM system (, SugarCRM, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and we will keep you updated on our progress with that.

Note that if the prospect did not come from a conversion (e.g. they already existed in your database due to an import, email plugin, etc.) Pardot will not display the Conversion Point and Conversion Date fields.

Prospect Conversion Details

Note: Previously we displayed a conversion metric in one or two areas of the app. This new metric may differ from that one in that this does not include any prospects that you delete (e.g. add to your recycle bin). The previous metric counted deleted prospects which caused confusion.

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15 responses to New conversion reports and stats

  1. Adam – great feature.

    Couldn’t find the conversion point data on individual prospect record. Where exactly is that in the prospect record?

    • Hi Anita — in my excitement I jumped the gun. I posted the blog a bit before we unhid those two fields on the prospect screen. You should see them in a bit. Thanks!

  2. This is a great addition to Pardot. I often have to filter prospects that were imported to figure which conversion points are driving performing best. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the feedback Fernando! Let us know as you find other reports you’d like to see.

  3. This is great. Is there a way to add a particular form handler as a conversion point? or even all form handlers? Our most important conversion points happen to be form handlers. Thanks

    • Hi Taylor — Form Fandlers also count (form handlers, forms, and landing pages). If you go to the reports page for conversions and scroll through, you will see some form handlers in there. Note: for it to count as a conversion, the person has to go from visitor to prospect as a result. If they were already in your database (from an import, email plugin, etc.) it would not count.

  4. Conversions and form submissions are different, correct? In a given day if you have 400 form submissions, but only 350 of those are visitors converting to prospects, then the conversion count will only be 350, is this accurate?

    • Hi Matt — that is exactly right! Form / Form Handler / Landing page submissions would always be higher than conversions since conversions are only when a visitor turns into a net new prospect (not someone who is already in the database).

  5. Adam-this looks great. Is there anyway I can export this data on excel to collect insights from on a weekly/monthly basis?

    • Hi Ali — you can download/export a list of prospects, conversion date, and conversion point from within the conversion report. Just click on the CSV icon above the prospect table. Thanks!

  6. Damian Roskill July 23, 2012 at 1:49 am

    The conversion report is terrific – one ask: filter by tag. We have two halves to our business and it’d be great to view prospect conversion filtered based on tags!

  7. First of all, I think this is a great new report. However, and this is possibly a dumb question, but how will this report differ from a general website tracking campaign? For example, when I click on campaigns-reports-cohort report, it shows me the number of prospects created from my general website tracking campaign (which includes only those visitors who converted by filling out some sort of form) and the opportunities associated with these contacts. Will any of the contacts in the conversion report have opportunities associated with them or does that only show visitors to contacts?

    Hope this makes sense.


    • Hi Kourtney — good question. This is a bit different than the report you are thinking of (although there is some crossover). The conversions report will be across all campaigns and show any net new prospects so if you run specific promotions, etc. you can see them there too. In that sense, it is more all-encompassing. These prospects could also have opportunities but typically wouldn’t until later in the process (e.g. a rep adds an opportunity sometime after the conversion).

  8. Is there any way of seeing an aggregated view so we can quickly review which are the top performing conversion points?