Pardot now has completion actions that can run off of various responses to a list email. This is very similar to the completion actions you may have already been using when prospects complete forms, access files, via certain pages, etc.

Email Completion Actions

Use cases include adding someone to a certain list for clicking on a link, tagging prospects, or changing campaign statuses. Be careful with notification and assignment actions when sending large volumes of email as many actions may be triggered based on the response.


  • “On click” actions apply to both HTML and text versions of your sent email.
  • Completion actions don’t expire. For example, if a prospect is cleaning out their inbox two months from now and they open the email and click on links, the completion actions will still occur.
  • After your email is sent, you can still edit the email’s completion actions. The actions are not retroactive so the edits will only execute on prospects who take the action from that point onward.
  • Completion actions execute every time the action is taken regardless of how many clicks occur in a given period except for “Adjust Score.” Score will only increase or decrease once per prospect per click in a 24 hour period.
  • Completion actions do not execute for filtered activities.

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8 responses to Completion actions for list email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes

  1. This is great – we’ve been manually tracking clicks and opens via a GoodData report, completion actions will relieve us of a manual step.

  2. Fantastic!

  3. Awesome news! Are there any plans to make this functionality available in Drip campaign emails as well?

    • Definitely — that’s a bit more complex programmatically but it is definitely something we plan to do!

      • Adam, This is great! Huge leap in the right direction. Looking forward to it being in drip campaigns where I need it. Til then I will use redirects for every link.

  4. Will it be possible to have different completion actions based on *which* link is clicked? For instance, if a recipient clicks link A, they are, say, added to List A. Or if they click link B, they are added to List B.

    • I would like to see this also. We would really like to be able to tag people who click on each link, rather than picking just one link.

      Since this isn’t available on DRIPS, and one-off Emails so rarely have a single link to track, this seems like the next step.