Ever have prospects fill out your state and country fields as Alabama and Afghanistan? Either those are the most populous state/country or people just pick the first option. If you want to skip those fields on your forms altogether, Pardot can now auto-fill Country and State on a prospect record based on GeoIP information. The added data is filled in after a form, landing page, or form handler completion by a prospect.


You can enable the feature by going into your account settings and checking the box for Auto-fill Prospect Location Data from IP Address.

GeoIP Account Setting

When data is automatically filled into the state or country field, you will see globe icon appear next to that data in the prospect record.

Autofilled Location


  • The format is country name and state/province two-letter code (e.g. GA for Georgia)
  • We do not fill in State for any non-US or Canada IP addresses. For those visitors we will only append country.
  • We will not automatically fill in these two fields if any location data is already filled in for the prospect; this includes the Address One, Address Two, Country, State, City, and Zip fields. This prevents any possibility of address data not matching (e.g. you already had state info on a prospect but they visit your site from another country while on vacation).
  • Since we use the IP address of the prospect, it may not always be 100% accurate. The prospect may be accessing your site while traveling, in another state or country. Also note that the IP address is of the prospect’s actual location. The headquarters of his or her company may be in a different location.

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8 responses to Auto-append country and state from prospect IP address

  1. This is a fantastic feature that will enable us to shorten our Web forms by two less fields which is huge for form conversion rates. Thanks Adam and team Pardot!

  2. Agree – this is excellent Adam & Team. Any chance you can use this feature to back-populate State data for existing prospects? You’ve got their IP logged, right?

    • Hi guru, thanks a lot! We do have their IP logged but there are no plans to back-fill right now so it would be a day forward thing. In the future we’ll likely add options to append from Jigsaw records and from social profiles (e.g. title, company, etc.).

      • Thanks Adam. A quick heads up about an un-indended consequence of using this feature:

        1. Visitor hits landing page, Pardot uses IP to back into visitor’s state.

        2. Pardot fills “State” field in database with two letter abbreviation for state.

        3. If visitor goes onto filling in Pardot form which requires field “State” as an input, “State” doesn’t show since there’s already a value in the database.

        4. While not common, their could be cases where the IP-derived “State” field and a user input “State” field are actually different (e.g. I’m filling in a form when I’m traveling, I live in a city like St. Louis with straddles a state line, etc.).

        Is there a way to turn on this feature but have it populate a field that isn’t the default “State” field in Pardot (which synchs as the default “State” field into CRM)?


        • Hi Guru — I can see that. Unfortunately it only maps to state currently and cannot be mapped to another field. I think in a little bit this quarter we’ll have some more options for you. You’d be able to set that field to always display (so the prospect could correct if it’s incorrect) and then you set state to override the value in your CRM (e.g. Pardot is the master for that field). I’ll let you know when that last piece is out.

  3. This is a feature we have wanted to implement for a decade now. I had always looked at using something from mastermind or some other setup. Now I don’t have to! Thank you.

  4. That’s great to hear Derrick. A decade? You were way ahead of the curve! :-)