If you already have your assignment logic set up in salesforce.com and do not want to recreate it in Pardot, you can now simply assign prospects via salesforce.com’s Active Assignment Rule. You can do this via a Pardot automation rule, form or landing page completion action, or a manual assignment.

Pardot pushes the record up without an owner, salesforce.com decides on the assignee based on the logic you have previously set up, Pardot then receives the new ownership information.

This is also a good option for clients who want to literally push all prospects over to salesforce.com (Pardot does not do this by default) and let the CRM sort out ownership.

Salesforce.com Assignment Rule - Automation Rules

salesforce.com Assignment Rule - Completion Actions

salesforce.com Assignment Rules - Manual Assignment


  • If you do not have an active assignment rule set up in salesforce.com but still try to use this option, the records will be assigned to the connector user (the default owner when there is an ownership conflict).

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18 responses to Assign prospects via salesforce.com Active Assignment Rule

  1. Tamairah Boleyn March 29, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    This is great, thanks for efforts to make the integration easier!

  2. These kind of innovations are EXACTLY why I switched to Pardot. This is what we need to be successful in business. Thanks for being so avant garde. I also need to know all of my prospects grades from elementary school.

  3. April Fools!!!

  4. You guys are really pushing the bounds of technology (and humor). Seriously, will filters work with this feature? :)

  5. You guys are hilarious! That photo with the helicopters looks really legit. Is that you in that pic?

  6. Woot! I have been anxiously awaiting this new feature! We have an awful problem, always calling our prospects when they our asleep – hopefully this new personal tracking feature will help alleviate that problem.


  7. Must be an April Fool’s joke :)

  8. Wow! with “Enhanced tracking” i can be a good corporate citizen and a full time stalker! This has really helped me blend my personal life and my professional life together in a meaningful way! before Pardot “Enhanced Tracking” i was always either slacking at my job or knowing exactly what my victims were doing while they slept but now…. No Problem!

    Drip marketing….. Check!
    Lead nurturing….. Check!
    ROI tracking…….. Check!
    Stalking automation……………….Check, Check, Check-ity, Check!

    Thank you Pardot!

    Watching you,


  9. This is the #1 feature I wanted to see in Pardot. Thank you so much!!

  10. Next months announcements: google maps connector; iphone app, with live feeds into contacts; air traffic control connector?

  11. Does this also work with SugarCRM?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Patrick. Not yet, unfortunately. Salesforce.com and SugarCRM each have their own semi-proprietary way of doing triggers and assignments. What works for one won’t work for the other. We’re looking into rolling this out across all of our CRM connectors but unfortunately have to do one at a time.

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