Getting your marketing message to resonate with your target consumer in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace is one of the greatest challenges facing marketers today. The internet and related technologies have revolutionized the face of today’s marketing arena, creating consumers that are more empowered and markedly more sophisticated than their predecessors.

Traditional marketing campaigns have lost their efficacy as more sophisticated marketing automation campaigns have taken over. Pardot’s marketing automation software helps you maximize your company’s marketing efforts with minimal time and resources.

Who is Pardot?

Pardot, a Company, is a leader in marketing automation, committed to serving businesses in their quest to optimize their marketing programs while maximizing their lead generation and nurturing efforts. Founded in 2007 by David Cummings and Adam Blitzer, Pardot has grown from a bootstrapped startup to a leading B2B marketing automation software provider and a part of Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Pardot has a growing client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to divisions of large enterprise organizations.

Pardot’s Marketing Automation Software

With Pardot, you can sync your sales and lead systems with our platform’s deep integration with all of the leading CRM databases, including Salesforce. Your leads are optimally managed through your lead scoring, lead nurturing, and your CRM system. Pardot is able to maximize efficiencies for companies with complex sales cycles by giving marketing and sales a way to work hand-in-hand to manage all prospect interactions and online campaigns from a central platform. Get better leads, improve close rates, and bring in more deals with Pardot marketing automation.

How Can I Try Pardot Risk-Free Today?

Easy — just select an option below and fill out the form. One of our sales reps will get in touch with you! There is no obligation and billing information is not required, simply fill out our short form. A Pardot representative will be in touch soon — via your contact information provided below — to take you for a quick spin with marketing automation.

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