Want to dive deeper into some of your favorite marketing automation topics? Use Pardot’s interactive labs to learn more about the subjects that matter to you, like lead qualification and ROI reporting. Practice using popular marketing automation features, and consult our additional resources at the end of each lab for even more helpful information.

Scoring & Grading Lab

Use our interactive scoring and grading lab to dig deeper into the lead qualification process. Learn how to implement a blended scoring and grading model at your company, and gain a better understanding of different score and grade combinations.

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ROI Calculator

Input company data to see what your return on investment could look like with marketing automation, then generate a customized report tailored to your business.

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ROI Reporting Lab

Walk through the ROI reporting process with this interactive microsite. Learn how marketing automation can help marketing departments improve accountability and understand their performance — then check out some additional helpful resources.

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Lead Nurturing Lab

Learn more about how lead nurturing works and how it can benefit your business. Take a look at a few example programs, then try building a few sample campaigns of your own!

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