Marketing automation is dominating the marketing technologies market lately. With 76% of the world largest SaaS companies already using automation, the total number of companies using automation is expected to grow another 50% by 2015.

With such rapid growth, the odds are high that you, or someone in your company, are already using marketing automation successfully or are exploring it as a potential tool to add to your marketing arsenal. If you are part of the second group of future automation users, you understand the technology and you understand the concepts. What you really want is real statistics and information about how automation is transforming the companies that use it so you can understand the ROI on your automation investment. If this sounds like you, we’ve designed the infographic below with you in mind.

With a focus on the growth and improvements the average automation user sees in their organization, the infographic is full of information to get you even more excited about automation.

If you enjoy the infographic below and are looking for a customized report of what automation can do for your company, check out our brand new ROI calculator as well!



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4 responses to The ROI of Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Phenomenal resource, Pardot. For the past few years, my go-to “trusted advisor” has been Marketo. But I have to say that over the last several months, I’ve started using your site much more. Great content, great library of resources, great snippets of info to help validate the value of marketing automation investment as a whole. Kudos to the team. Well done.

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