Most of the leads you are sending your sales team aren’t going to buy.

That might sound a little harsh, so before you prepare to defend your marketing campaigns and lead qualifying process, let me clarify: this is due to no fault of your own.

According to Gleanster, 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy.tweetbutton

This means that over half your database needs to be nurtured to a sales-ready state before they can be passed on to sales as legitimate opportunities. This means valuable, one-to-one interactions with all of these leads. However, if you have any concept of your database size, you know that there’s no way that kind of interaction is feasible on that scale… or is it?

Fortunately, automated lead nurturing can put the nurturing process on autopilot and notify you when leads are in a sales-ready state. With such intelligent functionality, behavioral triggers, and easy setup, nurturing can build valuable customer relationships on a massive scale. We’ve created the infographic below to help walk you through the basics of lead nurturing and what it can offer your company. Take a look!

Want to learn even more about lead nurturing? Check out our interactive Lead Nurturing Lab!



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11 responses to The Basics of Lead Nurturing #infographic

  1. Nice infographic! I like how you’ve included different channels and content formats. Nice job putting together ideas for sample campaigns. It’s incredibly important to look beyond email with nurturing. Rolling in blogs, webinars, seminars are all really valuable. One area that I think is important is making sure nurture campaigns have elements that are optimized for mobile devices. Content that is hard to read on a smartphone or tablet will be deleted or not engaged.

    Brian Hansford

  2. Hi Matt. Very nice infographic. Out of curiosity, do you recommend any type of video email follow-up in the lead nurturing process? That way you can get your sales reps face in-front of the prospects and build some repoire (sp??) prior to being ready to purchase – without infringing on the sales rep’s time. Of course, it depends on the industry but my clients are having some pretty good success with it. Any experience with this?

    • Thanks for the comment Eric! We don’t often respond with Video at Pardot, but we do have clients that have seen the same success as yours. Video is definitely a tremendous form of content for engagement.

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