Inbound Marketing

Marketing has changed. Intrusive outbound marketing tactics like cold calling, TV commercials, radio spots, and print ads are quickly becoming outdated. Instead inbound marketing has emerged as a powerful marketing tactic, driven by the idea of being found when someone searches for you.

Consumers now want timely and useful communications from companies. They no longer want irrelevant or sales-type messages from companies. In response, today’s marketers have turned to blogging, white papers, SEO, webinars, and e-books to drives sales and leads. They are providing informational, thought leadership, and industry pieces that have proven to have a much higher ROI than outbound marketing ones.

Pardot Powers Your Inbound Marketing

Pardot is designed to help you maximize your inbound marketing efforts with a powerful suite of tools.

Keyword Monitoring

With keyword monitoring, you can track how important keywords are ranking on Google and Bing. For each keyword you upload, you’ll get information about average cost-per-click, and approximate search volume, and ranking difficulty in Google.

  • Get valuable, SEO-related stats about each keyword
  • Compare your keywords and measure how they rank over time
  • Drill down for an audit of historical keyword data

Competitor Tracking

Keep up with the Jones’ with Pardot’s competitor tracking by comparing your site’s online presence with your competitors. See data on how you stack up in SEO-related categories including indexed pages, inbound links, and more.

  • Track SEO data for all of your competitors
  • Stay on top of changes in ranking and online presence
  • View an audit of historical competitor data to see progress

Social Media Posting

Keep up with your social media accounts across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – and track ROI to see what’s working. Plus, use social profiling
to gain insight on new leads.

  • Post and schedule posts to multiple Twitter, Facebook,
    or LinkedIn accounts simultaneously
  • Measure likes, comments, replies, and retweets
  • Look up prospects’ names, locations, photos and descriptions through
    their social profiles

Webinar Connectors

Webinars have become an increasingly important part of inbound marketing strategy. Pardot allows marketers to sync webinar data from popular systems with their marketing automation database.

  • Integrate the registration process with your database
  • Segment follow-up based on attendance
  • View webinar information within your CRM

Pardot’s Inbound Marketing Success Kit

Want to learn more about inbound marketing? We’ve created a kit loaded with helpful information. Our kit was designed to help you maximize your own inbound marketing campaigns, with minimal dedicated resources.

White Paper: Download our free Guide to Inbound and Automation
In it, you’ll have valuable resources that will help you maximize your inbound marketing campaigns by teaching you how to create valuable, relevant content and leverage your social and SEO efforts.

White Paper: Download our free Social Media Guide for B2B Marketers
This introduction to social media marketing includes tips, trips and how-to’s that will help you grow your social media presence. Building your social media following is an important part of getting into the inbound marketing groove.

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