What are your customers really thinking? For most companies, that’s a multi-million dollar question, one that’s spawned a thriving industry of behavior psychologists and consumer behavior experts dedicated full-time to understanding consumers.

However, the average marketer doesn’t have access to this cutting-edge research and knowledge. Fortunately, a basic understanding of human psychology is all you really need to noticeably improve your conversion points.

To help turn you into an amateur consumer behavior expert, we’ve created our newest eBook, “Using Psychology to Increase Conversions,” and made it free for download. Learn how to make your calls to action more appealing, your offers more tempting, and your customers more captivated — all with small tweaks to the way you create and word your conversion points.

Check out the video below for some quick tips to start hacking your consumer’s brains, and download the full eBook to start becoming a marketing master today!

Psychology of conversions

4 responses to Hacking Consumer Behavior with Psychology [VIDEO]

  1. Great article! Some of the simple elements that were discussed in this article were displayed in the very clean and concise video. It is amazing how simple psychologist tactics can create such a powerful effect.

  2. I like it. Many of these bahaviors take place naturally.

  3. The advice is really important.

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