Paid Search Reporting

Dive deeper into your paid search campaigns with Pardot’s paid search reporting functionality. Reports provide analytics on paid search keywords from vendors including Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo — as well as statistics on your Google Adwords campaigns using Pardot’s Google Adwords Connector. Using this data, you can go way beyond simple cost per click and cost per conversion. Pardot’s paid search ROI reporting calculates cost per vetted prospect, cost per opportunity, cost per sale, marketing ROI, and more by tying your Google AdWords (or other analytics vendor) costs to your CRM opportunity data.

Pardot’s paid search keyword report captures the following metrics: unique searches, prospect searches, opportunities created, opportunity value, and revenue. Additionally, the Google Adwords report records:

  • the number of clicks
  • the cost of the paid search campaign
  • cost per click (CPC)
  • the number of unique prospects in your database who clicked on a paid search ad
  • the number of unique opportunities tied to those prospects who clicked on a paid search ad
  • cost per opportunity (CPO)
  • total revenue derived from your paid search campaigns
  • return on investment

Pardot also includes keyword monitoring, weekly SEO reports, natural search tracking, and competitor tracking functionalities.

google adwords connector

Keyword Monitoring

Keyword monitoring allows you track your site’s Google and Bing rankings for selected keywords. For each important keyword, you’ll get information about search engine ranking difficulty, average cost-per-click in Google Adwords, and approximate search volume in Google. You can compare keywords side-by-side, filter by tags, and measure changes in ranking over time. Drilling down on a specific keyword will show an audit of historical data as well as current rankings.

Weekly SEO Reports

Subscribe to Pardot’s weekly search marketing report to stay on top of your SEO efforts. Every Monday, you will receive an up-to-date report on your keywords and competitors, helping you to monitor changes in your SEO rankings.

Natural Search Revenue Tracking

If calculating ROI on paid search is difficult for many B2B marketers, tracking revenue growth from organic search is often nearly impossible — but it doesn’t have to be. Pardot examines the source of leads as they come in and is ultimately able to tie back opportunity data from your CRM system to calculate revenue and determine your best lead source. You will now be able to measure exactly how much of a contribution your SEO, PR campaigns, and other online marketing efforts are making to your sales pipeline or top line revenue.

Competitor Tracking

Competitor tracking allows you compare your site’s online presence with your competitors. View how you stack up in SEO-related categories like indexed pages, inbound links, Google PageRank, and Alexa rank. Drill down a specific competitor to see an audit of historical data on that site.