Custom Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an essential component of lead nurturing. Pardot allows you to assign each action a point value. Each prospect will then be automatically scored based on emails read, white papers downloaded, web pages browsed, and other activities.

Automatically scoring leads based on their activity on your website provides hard, objective data in an otherwise subjective sales process. At a glance, your sales rep can look at her list of leads, quickly prioritize them based on lead score, and follow up with those that are mostly likely to become opportunities. You can also ensure that leads that do not pass a certain scoring threshold are put onto a nurturing track before being assigned to sales reps. Once these leads begin to respond to nurturing efforts, and their scores increase, they can be automatically assigned to sales reps for follow up.

Pardot’s lead scoring system works out-of-the-box but can be customized later to meet any organization’s needs.

Lead Scoring and Grading