A complex sales cycle often requires sales reps to stay top-of-mind with prospects over a long period of time. Our lead nurturing programs can help you nurture leads automatically. Pardot can send out emails based on time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your website, or other parameters. These emails can be personalized with prospect data, and can appear to come from individually assigned sales reps. Using lead nurturing to nurture your leads allows you to free up valuable marketing and sales resources without neglecting your prospects.

How Drip Marketing Helps Your Lead Nurturing

Below is an example of a simple drip marketing campaign laid out in Pardot. Our intuitive platform allows you to easily create drip campaigns that can be managed by your team. Our drip marketing solutions allow you to push your non-sales ready leads into nurturing tracks. You can then ensure that your marketing efforts periodically “touch” them via automated, timed, one-to-one advertising such as email or direct mail. Nurturing programs can branch in many directions, shifting as new prospect data becomes available. As leads interact with your messaging, Pardot can automatically trigger sales alerts, add tasks to your CRM, or change the course of the program.

Lead nurturing program

Want to learn more about lead nurturing and drip marketing? Check out our lead nurturing infographic.