Pardot integrates natively with, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and RelateIQ — meaning you can view all of your prospect activity from within your CRM. Using Pardot’s CRM connectors, leads and contacts can be synced bi-directionally to keep all segments current, opportunity values can be pulled down for reporting purposes, and leads can be assigned to sales reps with ease. Because Pardot automatically deduplicates leads, there’s no need to worry about duplicate contacts or leads. And with single sign-on, switching between apps is easy. Integration

Pardot continuously syncs with Professional Edition and higher levels of, giving your sales reps a full view of prospect activity from within their CRM system. Leads and Contacts in can be sorted by Pardot score and grade.

SugarCRM Integration

Pardot is a Sugar Exchange-listed application and integrates with both the open source and commercial versions of SugarCRM 5.5+. You will have access to Pardot data like prospect interactions within SugarCRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Pardot is a Microsoft partner and integrates natively with Internet Facing Deployments (IFD) of Microsoft Dynamics 4.0+ and Microsoft CRM Online. This integration allows you to view your Pardot data in Microsoft Dynamics and assign leads to sales reps.

RelateIQ Integration

Pardot integrates with RelateIQ to bring users the power of relationship intelligence. Give your sales team easy access to Pardot data — including scores and grades — and create targeted, relevant, and impactful marketing campaigns that amplify your sales efforts.