Closed Loop ROI Reporting

With Pardot’s reporting functionalities, you can measure marketing and sales effectiveness with easy to configure reports and charts. More than 40 canned reports are included with every account. Pardot’s partnership with GoodData gives you the ability to manipulate data for custom reports, making it easy to track the KPIs that are most important to you. Reports can then be emailed to you at set intervals or exported as CSV files for offline analysis.

Pardot-generated reports can be used to tie prospects to the campaigns that created them, allowing you to credit leads to their original sources and judge your campaigns’ impact on ROI. This means that you’ll be able to tell where all of your best and worst leads are coming from, giving you the insight you need to prioritize the outlets and channels that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Custom Reports

Pardot’s partnership with GoodData gives you the ability to easily manipulate your data into various graph forms, drill-down by time frame from year to day, create dynamic graphs to display on your intranet, and filter data by value, ranking, range, and variable.

Scheduled Reports

From GoodData, you can schedule Pardot ROI reports to be sent out by email on a regular basis. Using this functionality, you can quickly send a requested report by email, schedule monthly reports to be emailed to your team, send reports as PDFs or XLS documents, and stay on top of ROI with frequent email reports.

Campaign ROI Calculator

Increase your visibility into marketing metrics by tying your CRM’s sales opportunity data with paid search results. Associate prospects with campaigns for reporting, calculate campaign costs at any time, and use multiple metrics to adjust your marketing strategies on the fly.

google adwords connector

Google Analytics Connector

Use Pardot’s Google Analytics Connector to bridge the gap between micro- and macro-level systems. Data from Google Analytics can be passed into Pardot and synced with your CRM, giving you the ability to track visitors, generate reports on campaign effectiveness, and gain even more insight into your most successful lead sources.

Prospect Lifecycle Reporting

Pardot’s Prospect Lifecycle Report combines your marketing and sales reports in one place to give you a high level view of your sales cycle’s health. By viewing the report, you can get an idea of how well your marketing and sales organizations are working together, see where prospects are getting stuck in the funnel, and gauge which areas of your sales process need improvement.
prospect lifecycle report