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The Company field in a prospect record is hyperlinked so that you can click on it to find out more about the business. When the Website form field is completed (through a form), Pardot will use that to determine the Company URL. When the Website field data is not collected, we use the prospect’s email address domain (must not be a free email provider) to determine the company’s website.

For example, if you are not collecting Website field data on your forms, and your client fills in [email protected], the link would point to www.salesforce.com.

If you asked for Website address on your form and the prospect’s email were [email protected] but he listed his website as www.pardot.com, the company link would point to www.pardot.com.

Additionally, if a prospect does not have a value for the Company field, Pardot will display a Company URL in this field instead (this will not be synced to the CRM though). If there is a value for Website but not Company, Pardot will use the Website URL in the Company field. If there is neither a value for Website nor Company, Pardot will use the email address domain to determine the Company URL that will display in this field.

Note: When Pardot displays a URL in the Company field for a prospect, the URL is for display only. Unless the Company field is populated by either a) prospect’s form completion, b) sync with CRM data, or c) manually by a Pardot user, automation rules or dynamic list criteria based on Company will interpret the Company field as Prospect Default Field / is empty.