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Marketing automation has opened so many new marketing opportunities to the modern-day marketer. Basic email campaigns are great starting points to engage new prospects, nurture current prospects by keeping in touch and inform clients of company product news. But, there is more!

Extend your market reach and visibility with the best in usable and effective advanced marketing automation techniques and campaigns. Join Mathew Sweezey, Pardot’s (An ExactTarget® Company) Marketing Automation Evangelist, in a 1-hour webinar for a thorough run-down on the following to expand your company’s visibility:

Twitter Campaigns
Video Campaigns
Trade Show Kiosks
Advanced Social Engagement
Dynamic Content

Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Automation Evangelist, Pardot
Mathew is a […]

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You may have heard of “agile” in reference to the development world. Well, this is “agile” – for the marketing world! If you are open to new and improved marketing processes, then you have come to the right place! Agile marketing is the process that gives marketers an edge in today’s world of marketing and multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns.

Balanced and useful, fast and nimble, analytics and creativity all have their place in this new marketing world. Join Mathew Sweezey, Sr. Sales Exec with Pardot and Marketing Automation Evangelist, in this latest webinar as he introduces us to:

Agile Marketing (What is agile […]

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Creating effective, solid marketing content is one of the top initiatives on a marketer’s list today. With smart content program planning and execution, marketers can pave the way to increasing a company’s visibility exponentially. From creating white papers to websites, case studies to infographics, where should marketers spend their time?

Join us in this online content clinic as Nolin LeChasseur, Co-Founder and Partner of Brainrider, helps us focus our creative marketing content efforts. He will also take a look at real company websites and content examples, providing content creation tips, including:

How to engage your prospects using your subject matter expertise
How to […]

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A list of everything you can set up in Pardot to help you market and conduct a successful webinar.

Step 1: Content

Create a webinar in your webinar vendor such as ReadyTalk, WebEx, or GoToWebinar. If you are looking for information on webinar best practices, watch our webinar I’m Ready to do a Webinar, Now What?

Step 2: Registration and Promotion materials

In Pardot, make sure you have your webinar connector set up and verified. Check out our articles on our ReadyTalk, WebEx, or GoToWebinar connectors if you have any questions.
Create a Pardot form to register attendees. Go to Marketing > Forms > Create […]

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Completing and deploying campaigns, modifying content, updating social media profiles and more – marketers’ worlds are beyond busy these days! It’s enough to make any normally sane marketer pull a Jekyll and Hyde every once in a while. Enter into the marketing world a new, revolutionary approach: Agile Marketing. Oh, yes. In this world, creativity and analytics have their place and balance. Trial and error is part of the process – and the process is agile.

Mathew Sweezey, Sr. Sales Manager at Pardot, explores the new world of Agile Marketing in-depth. Join us to find out how you can apply Agile […]

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B2B marketers are putting Google AdWords to work for them more than ever! With AdWords, the leading Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform, even more customers are being reached. Understanding exactly what customers are searching for as they seek solutions, tools and services for their businesses is critical in putting your Adwords dollars to work for you AND in the most cost-effective way. Join us in this informative webinar as Jeffrey Demers, Director of Search Engine Marketing, Wakefly, Inc., walks us through:

The basics of Pay-Per-Click advertising
How to reach the right audience using Google AdWords and boost your ad performance by choosing the right […]

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This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Pardot Now

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Pardot NowAbstract

Pardot integrates with three webinar providers, GoToWebinar, ReadyTalk, and WebEx. Pardot syncs bi-directionally with these three webinar providers seamlessly to register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity all from within Pardot. During this webinar we’ll review this functionality and review webinar best practices.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How to create a form to register your prospects
Where to view your registered prospects
Create rules based on attendance status
Marketing best practices for webinars

This webinar was recorded on June 20, 2012.


Run Time: 16:03

Download (MOV) – 100 MB
Download (iPhone) […]

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Give your company the edge with engaging content. Words can be just that – words. But, with the right relevance and value, they can be so much more! Engaging content can spell out success for you and your company, ultimately resulting in more leads and more customers by facilitating the buying cycle. Back by popular demand, join us as Nolin LeChasseur, Partner of Brainrider, hosts a free clinic that explores in depth the world of developing customer-centric content. Nolin will take a look at real company websites and content examples, providing content creation tips, including:

How to engage your prospects […]

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