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This page links to all of our most popular form and form handler articles. If you’re brand-new to Pardot and need help understanding the difference between forms and form handlers, see this article.

Form Articles

Overview Articles

Completion Actions
Form Fields Overview
Form Wizard Overview
Forms Overview
Forms Report
Progressive Profiling Overview
Prospect Actions
Responsive Pardot Forms
WordPress Plugin

FAQ Articles

Form Troubleshooting and FAQs
Can forms be set to redirect to a success page?
Can I pass hidden fields to Pardot forms?
Should I prefill a prospect’s email address on a form?
What are the differences between using a Pardot form and form handler?
What is the difference between a submission and conversion?
Why is a form pre-populated with someone else’s information?
Why Is my form missing fields?
Why is my prospect missing information from required fields even though they completed the form?
Why isn’t my automation rule taking action when someone completes a form/landing page?
Why should I use Pardot to manage my forms?

How-to Articles

Changing the Size of Form Text and Textarea Input Field Areas
Changing the Styling of Form Text
Changing the Submit Button to an Image
Creating a Referral Form in Pardot
Creating Custom Fields
Creating Forms
Deleting cookies or cache
Deploying Forms
Editing Custom Fields
Editing Default Fields
Editing Form Fields in a Form
Enable Form-Protected Content to Download Immediately
Forwarding Data from a Pardot Form Post to a Third-Party
Forwarding Data from a Pardot Form Post to Salesforce via RingLead
Forwarding Data from a Pardot Form to WebEx
How to SSL-enable (HTTP Secure) Pardot URLs
Integrating Pardot with Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms
Integrating Twitter Lead Generation Cards
Moving the Submit Button to the Top of the Form
Optimizing Forms on Mobile Devices
Passing a Redirect URL to a Form as a Hidden Field
Placeholders are not Substitutes for Labels
Populate Hidden Field on Form with Name of Webpage
Preventing Competitors from Accessing Content on Form Submission
Redirecting Form Automatically After Displaying Thank You Content
Redirecting to Thank You Pages Based on Form Field Value
Removing Form Auto-Focus
Setting up Progressive Profiling
Syncing Custom Field Values with a CRM
Testing Forms
Using Form Field-Based Completion Actions
Using Salesforce State/Country Picklists with Pardot
Validating Email Addresses in Forms

Reference Articles

Bot Protection Options
Default Form Styling Classes
Field Type Reference
Form, Landing Page WYSIWYG Icon Glossary
Hyperlink Options Reference
Prospect Field Settings Reference

Advanced Form Topics

Advanced Form Field Option: CSS Classes
Auto-append country and state from prospect IP address
Basic CSS for Forms

Best Practices Articles

Best Practices: Forms

Form Handler Articles

Creating Form Handlers
Integrating Form Handlers with Your Forms
Mapping Fields in Form Handlers
Form Handlers: Advanced Topics
Form Handlers Overview
Using Form Field-Based Completion Actions
What are the differences between using a Pardot form and form handler?