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The Testing tab is where to test your email to prepare for sending in Email Flow. Send your email to test lists or to individual email address to be tested. If you need more help with how test lists work, see this article.

Sending to Test Lists

  1. In the Send to Test Lists section, Select your internal test list from the dropdown.
  2. Click Send to Test Lists. Emails sent to a test list will have links rewritten as tracked links and will have variable tags populated.

For more information, please see Send Emails to a Test List. You will receive the HTML version of the email to proof.

Sending to Emails

  1. In the Send to Emails section, enter email addresses. Separate multiple email addresses using commas (,).
  2. Click Send to Emails.

Emails sent to manually entered addresses will not populate variable tags or rewrite links to be tracked. You will receive both the HTML and text versions of the email to proof.

Rendering Tests

If you have the Advanced Analytics Email Package, you can preview the content and subject of your email in multiple email clients and test your email against several spam filters.

Click +New Render to begin your tests.

Email Tests


When you’re done testing your content, click the Sending tab to jump to the next step in Email Flow, or simply save your email.

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