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If a prospect has accidentally opted-out or opted-out but asks to be opted back in, follow the steps below to re-add them to email correspondence, including list emails, drip programs or autoresponder emails. Opting-in an unsubscribed prospect who has not explicitly requested to be opted back in violates Pardot’s permission based marketing policy.

Note: Only admins can opt in unsubscribed prospects.

If the unsubscribed prospect is not assigned and/or there is not a Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector enabled:

  1. Go to that prospect’s record.
  2. Expand the Additional Fields section.
  3. The Prospect Opted Out field should have a green check icon and an “Opt In” link. Click on the “Opt In” link.

Note: If you go into Edit prospect, expand Additional Fields, and try to uncheck the Do Not Email box, it will NOT re-subscribe them. You must click the “Opt In” link on main prospect page.

If the unsubscribed prospect has synced with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  1. Go to the prospect’s record in the CRM and undo their opted out/unsubscribed setting in the CRM. Save this change.
  2. As quickly as possible, go to this prospect’s Pardot record and expand the Additional Fields section, find the Prospect Opted Out field and click on the “Opt In” link.
  3. Click Synchronize with CRM (under prospect’s name at the top of the page) and confirm that the prospect remains opted-in. If the prospect returns to an opted-out status, you may want to temporarily unverify your CRM connector while you update the records, then reverify to complete the opt-in sync.

If the prospect has been manually opted-out or is marked as “Do Not Email” but not “Prospect Opted Out” (What is the difference?):

  1. Go to that prospect’s record.
  2. Click on Edit prospect below the prospect’s name at the top of the page.
  3. Expand the Additional Fields section.
  4. Uncheck the box next to Do Not Email (at the bottom of this section).
  5. Click Save prospect button.

Note: If prospect is synced with the CRM, also include Step #1 and Step #3 from the “If the unsubscribed prospect has synced with the CRM” section.

Why do I need to update the prospect’s email status in both Pardot and my CRM?

Opt-out/do not email is the only field that syncs bi-directionally between Pardot and Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM (i.e. both act as the “master” system). If a prospect is opted-out or marked as “do not email” in Pardot, it will update this to the CRM. If they are marked as “do not email” in the CRM, it will push this back to Pardot. This is to make sure that prospects’ email preferences are honored.

Note: SugarCRM and NetSuite are an exception to this; “do not email” is not a native field in SugarCRM and NetSuite so Pardot is the master for this field and changes to the “do no email” field must be made in Pardot.