The WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor is used in several areas of the app, including the email wizards (when you choose the Multi-part with Graphical Editor Email Type), user signatures, dynamic content, the email preferences and unsubscribe pages, forms (before and after content), and landing pages (the landing page builder and Opening General content).

This wizard contains many design options for creating and editing content. Below is more information about each.

Selected Content Email Editor Menu
seleccted content

Here is a list of what these buttons can do for you:

undoUndo last action
redoRedo last action
Additional Formatting OptionsAdditional Formatting Options–Edit the style of selected content section: its background color, text color, link color, link decoration, font type, font size and line height
repeatable rowDuplicate row–Copy the selected content section
Remove row–Delete the selected content section
Move row up–Move up the selected content section
Move row down–Move down selected content section

Section Email Editor Menu

main email editor screen

Here is a list of what these buttons can do for you:

insert special characterAdd special characters
tableInsert table
insert horizontal lineInsert horizontal line

Align–Align left, center, right or full
insert:remove unnumbered listCreate an unordered list
insert:remove numbered listCreate an ordered list
capture from wordPaste content from Microsoft Word–Removes styling from Word that conflicts with WYSIWYG editor
Paste As Plain TextPaste content as plain text–Pastes the content as plain text.
imageInsert/Edit Image–Insert an image hosted externally, hosted by Pardot, or upload an image into Pardot and insert into your email (upload tab). Also adjust the size and alignment of your image (under the appearance tab)
undoUndo last action
redoRedo last action
FontFont family
sizeFont size
font colorSelect font color
background colorSelect background color
add thisAddThis–Social Media sharing platform: Prospects that click on these links can share the content of your email through their own social media accounts.
 insert link
Insert/Edit Hyperlink–Inserts a link into your content, or inserts a link hidden behind text or inserts a link with your variable tags (%%view_online%% and %%unsubscribe%%)
break linkUnlink–Remove a link from your email
anchorAnchor–Create a link in the email that will jump the reader to where the anchor is located. Insert the anchor at the beginning of an article or section and name it. At the top of the email or in the email’s menu section, create a new link with the Insert/Edit link icon. For link type select “Anchor” and for URL, select the name of the anchor.

Variable tag
Variable tag–Select a tag representing a Pardot field. When the email is sent, the tag will be replaced with the prospect’s information. Here is a list of our variable field options and a list of variable user tags and usage.
sourceEdit HTML–Edit the source of this content section
dynamic contentDynamic Content–Add dynamic content to an email