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Overview and Reference Articles

Email Terms Glossary
Email Overview
Email Flow Overview
Email Flow Builder Overview
Email Flow WYSIWYG Icon Glossary
Responsive Templates Overview
Autoresponder Emails Overview

Email Building, Testing and Sending Articles


Creating Emails with Email Flow
Creating Templates with Email Flow
Saving in Email Flow
Pre-formatted Templates
Copying Emails


Testing Emails in Email Flow
Using A/B Testing
Creating and Sending to Test Lists
Advanced Email Analytics: Email and Subject Line Preview, Spam Analysis, Engagement


Sending Emails with Email Flow
Sending Operational Emails
Sending a List Email
Sending One-to-One Emails

Email Preference Center and Unsubscribe Page

Unsubscribe Page Overview
Customizing Your Unsubscribe Page
Email Preference Pages

Troubleshooting and FAQ Articles

Email Troubleshooting and FAQ
Multiple Users Editing Emails
What is a good click through rate or open rate?
What HTML and CSS attributes are supported by each email client?
Why do I receive Delivery Status Notifications?
How do I encode URLs?
Where do email replies go?
Why did a test email to myself result in a hard bounce?
How do I stop an email from being sent?
How are HTML opens measured?
Can a prospect receive the same email twice?
Do I need to remove opt-outs or hard bounces from my lists?

Reporting Articles

Viewing Bounce Reports
Email Tool Reporting
A/B Test Reporting
Email Click Overlay Report
Email Template Report

Other Email Topics

Adding Social Media Icons To Email for “Follow Us” Functionality
AddThis Integration (Social Sharing) for Emails
Change Email Link Colors and Styles 

Hyperlink Options Reference
How to Opt-In an Unsubscribed Prospect
Integrating a Third-party Email Solution
Inserting Images Into Email Templates and Landing Pages
Mail Merge
Link Tracking in Emails
Send From Custom CRM User
Testing the “View Online” Tag
Using Pardot Email Editor Regions
Variable User Tags in Emails
Video in Email

Best Practices

Design for Email Template Best Practices