Drip Program Template for Sales Nurturing Track

When creating a sales nurturing drip program, it is best to keep some key elements in mind and consider the following items as you design your campaign.

Purpose: To continue to stay in touch and educate a prospect who may be a good fit or shows some interest but isn’t sales-ready at this time.

Benefits: This drip program allows a salesperson to continue to build rapport and stay top of mind with prospects without spending valuable time sending one-to-one emails. The rep can stay focused on current opportunities while still keeping tabs on these non-sales ready prospects. If the prospect clicks on a link in the email or visits the website, the sales rep can see this via LeadDeck or an email notification depending on his preference.

Time: An email in this sample program is sent every 9 days. Generally, an email every week is too frequent and every two weeks is not enough. The timing also depends on a prospect’s interest level, the typical length of the sales cycle, budget/ fiscal calendar, and the industry itself.

Content: Sending educational and research-based pieces of content establishes the sales rep and the company as a trusted and reputable resource and also explains the value of a product without being overly aggressive.

Tip: Use white papers as a general piece of educational content and then follow up with a case study on the same topic to show how it can be implemented in a specific and real-life example.

Email Type: Text emails are used in this drip program because they give a more personal feel, as if a sales rep personally composed them.

Tip: Make sure to add the personalized variable tags so that the email will address a prospect by their first name, mention their company, and have the assigned sales rep’s specific contact information included in the salutation.

For step-by-step instructions on creating a drip program, see Drip Programs.

For more tips and tricks for effective email campaigns, see Email Marketing Best Practices.

Click the image below to see an example of a sales drip program in Pardot. The image will open in a new window and allow you to zoom in.