Change Email Link Colors and Styles


The email editor allows you to easily change the color and style of links in your email.


Click Marketing in the left navigation and then Emails in the resulting sub-navigation. Click New Email Template. 

Create your template:

  1. Provide an internal Name for this Email that will not be visible to your prospects. This name will only be visible to Pardot users, so utilize a descriptive name (e.g., Q4 – Tech Bulletin – List
  2. Select a Campaign with which to tag your new email. The campaign selected will only be used to tag the email message and it is not a filter for the recipients (only the lists and suppression lists will determine who the email is sent to).
  3. Select the Email Type: HTML and Text

 Basic Template Information

Changing Styles:
  1. In the HTML content window, select the content table to would like to edit. Once it is highlighted, click the Style icon in the toolbar.
  2. You can select the specific text color and link color by using the color palette or by entering a hex code (#FFFFFF). Once you have the color make sure to click Save.
  3. You can also choose to change the overall font, font style, link underline, and line-height.
  4. When you are finished, click Save.
  5. Click the green Publish button to save your changes.