Advanced Dynamic Content Overview

You know a lot about your prospects. You know their titles, their geography, their activity level (score), and a lot more. Why show the same website content to everyone? Now you can set up dynamic content and change call-outs, messages, or other areas of your website based on prospect fields.

Using Pardot’s advanced dynamic content functionality, you can display certain HTML content on your website or Pardot forms, landing pageslayout templates, and emails based on a prospect’s score, grade, or field value for default fields or custom fields. As people match the criteria set for your dynamic content, a variation of content will display where you embed the generated code on your website or email.

Note: Advanced Dynamic content is included in Pro and Ultimate editions, and is available as an add-on for Standard edition. If you’d like to upgrade, contact our Advocate Team or your implementation coordinator.

Access advanced dynamic content by navigating to Marketing > Content > Dynamic Content.

These articles will get you started creating and embedding advanced dynamic content.

Creating Advanced Dynamic Content
Placing and Testing Advanced Dynamic Content in Pages
Placing and Testing Advanced Dynamic Content in Emails
Optimizing Advanced Dynamic Content Performance
Variable Tags (basic dynamic content)
Why Dynamic Content is Marketing’s Secret Weapon