Pardot’s form wizard lets you create a customized form in seconds. Use forms on your website to collect information about visitors and turn anonymous visitors into identified prospects.

This page is your Pardot form resource center. See below for links to all of our form articles.

Form Basics

Pardot Forms from A to Z +

Build a Form
Form Wizard Overview — your comprehensive guide to building forms from start to finish.
Creating Forms–Your basic form creation guide.

Configure Fields on your Form

You’ve got default and custom prospect fields you want to place on your form–learn more about how these fields connect to your form’s fields.

Conditional Fields
Collect more granular information about your prospects with conditional fields that only display if visitors choose a specific value on another field.

Style your Form
Pardot’s form wizard has built in options to customize your form’s styles (see the creating a form article for more info). Check out our icon glossary to see what all the buttons and icons mean.

Take Actions When Your Form is Filled Out
As soon as your prospect completes a form, you can send autoresponders, add to marketing lists, and notify users with completion actionsAdvanced tip: not all actions can happen on the form level; see our overview of all prospect actions for a complete list.

Test Your Form
Everything you’d ever want to know about how to test your Pardot form before it’s live.

Report on Your Form’s Success
Reporting ins and outs, and how to see your form’s performance–whether the form is on a Pardot landing page or on your own website.

Standard Edition accounts are limited to 50 active forms. Forms in the recycle bin do not count toward this number.

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Best Practices

Forms Best Practices +


Our Forms best practices will help you get the most out of your forms, faster.


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Advanced Form Topics

More and More Points of Data +

Collect Geographical Info from the Visitor’s IP Address
Auto-append country and state from prospect IP address

Control Source Info From Multiple Sources on the Same Form
Can I pass hidden fields to Pardot forms?

Same Pardot Form on Multiple Pages? Collect Webpage Info Dynamically
Populate Hidden Field on Form with Name of Webpage

Styling Your Form with Custom CSS +

Pardot’s form wizard contains options to customize your form’s look and feel without needing to know a lick of CSS.

Need a more customized look? Here are the resources your web developer will need to manipulate Pardot forms with customized CSS.

Integrating Pardot forms with other services +

Need Pardot Forms on Your WordPress Site?
Glad you asked! We’ve got a plug-in just for you.

Sending Data from Pardot to a Third Party?

Don’t have a WebEx or GoToWebinar Connector?
Our connectors are easy to use and integrate, but perhaps you liked life better before those connectors were released. We’ve got you covered:

Control What A Prospect Sees After the Form Submits +

Redirect Your Form to Another Page
Already have a Thank You page or resource center to send prospects? Have a two-part form structure and you need to redirect from form 1 to form 2? Check out these directions and contact our Solutions Team (click the “Support” tab on the left or the “Contact Support” button on the right) if you’re running into trouble.

Dynamically Redirect Prospects by Passing a Redirect URL to the Form
Say you want to send Pardot your unique redirect URL when the visitor arrives at your form? Pass us the redirect URL as a hidden field and you’ll be all set.

Dynamically Redirect Prospects Based Off Values from their Prospect Record
Need to send folks from a specific industry to a different Thank You page? You can redirect based off the prospect’s record (and if you didn’t have that field completed before this particular form, info collected on the form itself). Check out these instructions.

Still Show Your Thank You Content, but Redirect After a Few Seconds
Let your visitor see they’ve successfully completed the form, then send them along.

Let Your Form-Protected Content Download Immediately
Your visitor submits the form, and the content starts downloading–simple as that.

Prevent Competitors from Accessing the Same Content as your Prospects
Don’t want the competition to see the same whitepaper as your prospect? Though it’s not always bad to let competitors peek in to see how great you are, you may want to send them to different redirect locations as your prospects.

Extra Security Features +

SSL Forms
Placing a Pardot form onto your HTTPS page via iframe? Edit your iframe HTML slightly to let the form use our security certificate.

Bot Protection
Pardot forms naturally protect you against bot submissions, and you can amp up the protection as needed.

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FAQs and Troubleshooting

Why aren’t all fields showing when I view my form? +

If you have clicked on a tracked email link or filled out a form previously without clearing your cookies/cache, some of the fields may not be showing. This is because Pardot’s progressive profiling naturally hides form fields that prospects have already completed before (but email address will always show, as will any other fields set to “always display”).

Form Field, Always Display

Edit the form field to be “always display”, or view the form in a private browsing session or clear your cookies and view the form again to see how it would look to a new, un-cookied prospect.

I submitted my form, but Pardot doesn't show the form activity, and I'm not getting my autoresponder. Are my forms broken? +

Not at all!

Chances are, your prospect activity is being filtered. Any time you are being filtered, completion actions (like autoresponders) don’t fire, and the form activity itself doesn’t show on your prospect record or in the form’s table of “Prospects with at least one submission.” Automation rules that look for prospects who submitted this form also won’t fire.

Admin users can toggle on viewing filtered activities from the dropdown under your email address:

Toggle Filtered Activities On

When you toggle on viewing filtered activities, you can see a red “Yes” in the “Filtered” column–see below for an example from the form’s “Prospects with at least one submission” table.

Prospects with filtered and unfiltered activities

If you toggle on viewing filtered activities, and you’re still not seeing your prospect activity, contact our Solutions Team (click the “Support” tab on the left or the “Contact Support” button on the right)!

If you’re definitely not filtered, and you’re not getting your autoresponder, make sure the email wasn’t sent to junk/spam, or is still on your corporate server (your IT team can help determine if it is).

Why is there pre-filled information on my form? +

If you have clicked on a tracked email link or filled out a form previously without clearing your cookies/cache, the form may have some information pre-filled.

By default we won’t show fields that you’ve already completed. If the fields are set to “always display,” we’ll show the fields we already know (email address will always show), and we’ll do our best to pre-fill the field with the information that we have on the prospect.

Don’t want this information pre-filled? Your Pardot form field can be edited to not prefill:

Form Field, Do Not Prefill

Why is my form pre-filled with someone else’s information? +

Never fear, this just means that you accidentally clicked on a tracked email link that was intended for someone else (usually from a forwarded email).

The best thing to do is to clear your cookies. This will wipe your browser clean of any Pardot cookies so you can be tracked as yourself again.

We suggest to always include the “Not You” link in your forms; you can add that link in the “Look and Feel” step of your form builder.

Enable Not You? Link

Can I fill out a form for someone else? +

Whoa there! That’s not always a good idea. If you ever want to fill out a form for someone else, first go to the form and edit it to make it a “Kiosk mode” form in the “Look and Feel” step of the form builder:

Setting a form to Kiosk Mode

If it’s not in “Kiosk mode”, your browser cookie will mean that you will start to be tracked as the prospect you filled out the form for.

Why does my page jump to the form? +

Our forms default to automatically draw focus to the first form field. If your form is positioned low on a page, you may want to consider Removing Form Auto-Focus so the page doesn’t “jump” to the form.

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