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Your personal information is easy to view and edit in Pardot. If your account was set up by another administrator, you may need to fill in some details to make your profile more complete. This will be important for creating your email templates and communicating with prospects.


Click on your email address on top right of the screen and then click Settings. From here you can update. If you will be using the Pardot API, you can obtain your User Key on this page.

Editing User Information

  1. To change basic information about yourself, click on Edit my user information. You can now enter new information for your name, email, password, security question, time zone, role and CRM username (what you use to log in to your CRM – typically your email address).
  2. You can also add HTML and Text email signature content that can be automatically included in emails sent from Pardot. This option is available to all users.

Editing User Preferences

If you want to change additional preferences such as email notifications, click on Edit my user preferences.

You can now select your email preferences for staying up-to-date on new prospects. We have several alert notifications that can be enabled and modified. This option is available to all users.

User Preferences

Editing Account Information

If you’re an Admin user in Pardot, you can also change basic information about your company, click on Edit Account. The address information here pulls in through the %%account_address%% variable tag when sending emails.

You can now enter information including company name, address and website. This option is available only to Administrative users.

Setting your CRM / Pardot Single Sign-on

With your salesforce.com or SugarCRM username set in your basic user information, you can enable single sign-on between Pardot and your CRM. NetSuite and MSCRM do not currently allow single sign-on with Pardot.

Simply click verify now next to your CRM username. When prompted, enter your salesforce.com or SugarCRM password. You will receive a message letting you know whether or not this was successful.

It is possible for Pardot Amins to enable single sign-on for multiple users at once.