This past quarter, we set out to learn more about one of internet marketing’s most basic and fundamental tools: email. In a survey conducted last month, we asked marketers about the role of email in their marketing strategy — from best practices to usage and testing. Over 100 B2B marketers participated.

Interestingly, our study revealed that although email continues to serve as a valuable tool for B2B marketers, its role in marketing campaigns has evolved. Once a prominent tool for acquiring leads, our findings showed that nearly 70% of B2B marketers no longer consider email to be their primary tool for lead generation. With inbound marketing on the rise, many marketers are turning to a variety of other tactics for lead generation and using email predominantly as a lead nurturing tool.

Check out some of our other significant findings in the following infographic, and read a further analysis of this email marketing study in today’s press release.

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11 responses to The Changing Role of Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Interesting B2B survey. What was the question regarding the Mobile optimization feature? I keep a stats overview on and would like to include this stat.

    • Hey Jordie! It came out of a multi-answer question on testing features. They question was “What kind of testing have you used to improve your email campaigns? (You may select more than one).” Hope that helps!

  2. Really nice inforgraphic! Didn’t know about Tuesdays :-) Is there any statistics on seasons of the year or something similar?

    • Thank you for the kind words Sasha! I haven’t seen anyone break it down by season yet which could mean the differences are negligible or marketers are just sending so many emails it doesn’t really matter :) It seems like a new report or infographic is coming out every week on this subject, but I would definitely encourage doing a little testing of your own!

  3. I agree. E-mail marketing is gold! Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed looking at the infographic.

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