When an average of just 1-4% of B2B landing page visitors convert to leads, it’s not hard to get discouraged (BrightInfo). If you’ve designed a killer landing page, clearly defined your value proposition, and created a form, you may wonder why your conversion rate isn’t higher. If this is the case, make sure you’re not overlooking the importance of effective landing page copy. On a webpage with one clear purpose, every word must count. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some simple tips you can use to optimize your landing page copy and drive more conversions.

1. Write Actionable Headlines

Good headlines tell visitors […]

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If you’re reading this article, then chances are, you’ve probably read others outlining “X” number of ways to optimize your landing pages. Suggestions normally range from improving your value proposition to placing important information “above the fold” (though Pardot UX Designer Cliff Seal encourages users to “forget the fold” when designing the optimal landing page). While it’s important to heed this organizational and copy-related advice, keep in mind that landing pages are often just a numbers game.

Unbounce recently published an article detailing several landing page case studies, including a few ways that each could be improved. In many cases, the […]

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You’ve got no time to waste when a visitor hits a relevant landing page. If you’ve set things up well, that visitor got there through interest in a keyword, and now you have their attention — that’s valuable. It’s time to get to the point, state your value proposition, and facilitate a conversion.

The problem is: we’re talking about people here. People are impatient, distrustful, and distracted. When you bear that in mind, you can battle those tendencies with key decisions in your landing page layout.

Fight Impatience with Scannability

It’s an unfortunate truth that, no matter how hard you […]

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The landing page. The culmination of all of your lead generation efforts. You’ve flighted your paid advertisements, sent out your latest email blasts, and worked with countless vendors on third-party promotions. The fate of all of your efforts is now resting on one thing: how well your landing page performs when leads finally land on it.

Landing pages require only one simple action from a lead — filling out a form — and yet more often than not, leads will exit the page without converting first. If you find that your conversion rates are lower than expected, and your lead […]

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The call to action.

Such a simple phrase, and yet it can make or break your landing page. If your call to action doesn’t properly convey your value proposition, or starts with a generic “Download” or “Submit,” you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

We recently published a few posts focused on secrets that will ensure call to action success, as well as tips and tricks for effective blog CTAs. But to make things even easier, we’ve compiled all of the information that we discussed into the comprehensive tip sheet included in this post. While you’re reading […]

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Landing pages are tricky; there’s no doubt about that. And unfortunately, there’s no set formula to help you get it right. But does that mean you should lose hope? Of course not!

While there may not be a simple mathematical equation that will ensure your landing pages are successful, there are several steps you can take to optimize for conversions and encourage your users to stay on your site — even after they’ve handed over their information. Remember, the goal of today’s landing pages is no longer to gather data from your users and then leave them stranded on […]

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It’s springtime, which means we’re right in the middle of the spring trade show season — and the fall season is right around the corner. If you’re like a lot of B2B companies, you’re probably caught in the whirlwind of trade show preparation, whether your company has decided to pursue a sponsorship or you’re just going as an individual.

With so much to think about and so little time, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that could help streamline the trade show process by cutting down on manual tasks like data collection and lead follow-up? Fortunately, there is: […]

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If you find the prospect of conducting multivariate testing on your landing pages a little daunting, we understand. After investing hours upon hours into writing, editing, and finalizing a piece of content, you’re probably pretty anxious to push it live. Add on the tasks of uploading it, creating a form, and building a landing page…well, the last thing you want to do is add another step to the process.

But consider this infuriating possibility: after all your hours of hard work, the tiniest flaw in the wording or design on your landing page could be keeping keeping prospects […]

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