Throughout the course of our summer camp series, we’ve covered popular marketing topics like lead nurturing and reporting, as well as other tech subjects like website design and product testing. Today, we’re joined by Pardot veteran and Usability Analyst Matt Miller, who is here to share a little bit more about what it takes to plan and conduct successful user testing — and how usability differs from user experience. Matt has a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech, and is a long-time member of the Pardot Monday-night soccer team (This Might Get Messi).

Take it away, Matt!

It seems like a lot of […]

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Following a successful few weeks talking implementation, CRM and marketing automation integration, lead nurturing, and reporting, we’re joined today by Kyle Coleman, who is here to share more about how tech organizations can better listen to customer feedback and needs. Kyle is a Manager on Pardot’s Product team, and helps to act as the voice of the customer within the Engineering organization. Take a look at her interview below to learn more about the importance of putting members of your tech team out in the field, how marketing can help, and why it’s critical to have a cardigan for every occasion.  

World, […]

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Last week, our summer camp series took an inside look at the Pardot product. Today, we’re changing directions once again to learn a little bit more about Pardot’s Support Team: their team culture, the key to successful customer support, and the traits needed to succeed. Rachel Newcity, Technical Support Manager and self-proclaimed guacamole connoisseur, joins us today to tell us more about how her team ensures that the post-implementation customer experience is top notch. To all of our marketers out there, note the parallels between customer support and customer-centric marketing!

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Alright, […]

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Today, our summer camp series is changing directions: we’re taking an inside look at the folks behind the Pardot product. Chris Kelly, Software Engineering Manager and mountain-biking aficionado, joins us to talk shop about what it takes to manage product development at a growing company, how to prioritize the wants and needs of other departments, customers, and customers-to-be, and more. Plus, hear more about some cool projects going on behind the scenes at Pardot, and get a glimpse into Chris’ spirit animal.

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Alright, Chris, take it away!

So Chris, can you tell […]

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Nicole Conley, Client Advocate at Pardot, has worked extensively with clients over the past two years, and recently attended her first Pardot Coffee Club. Nicole joins us to share some of the hot topics discussed at the Club’s most recent meeting — as well as a few best practices for marketers using marketing automation on a regular basis.

The marketing world we live in today can be a daunting one. Marketing automation and CRM platforms continue to grow. Industry trends evolve at breakneck speed. New programs pop up daily. No one has the time to keep up with all of this, do […]

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Meet Ginny Richardson.

Our Summer Camp content series kicked off last week with an interview with Pardot Sales Manager Phil Simpson. Today, we’re joined by self-proclaimed cheese-lover Ginny Richardson (speaking of cheese, you can catch Ginny cheesin’ in her childhood picture at the end of this post). As a Manager of Pardot’s Client Advocate team, Ginny focuses on coaching, onboarding, and ongoing training — as well as helping Pardot clients achieve their marketing goals (with a smile!).

Ginny is here to share a few of her secrets to building a successful customer advocacy program that keeps customers feeling appreciated and satisfied.

Let’s dive in!

Ginny, you’ve […]

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If you’re like me, then you’re anxiously anticipating the release of Game of Thrones season five this weekend. Now that the show’s producers have finally confirmed that the show will soon outpace the books (a question that die-hard Game of Thrones fans have been wondering for a while now), things may soon start to get very interesting.

But it isn’t just in Westeros that we’re seeing a clash between houses. For those of us who don’t have HBO, we can watch our very own Game of Thrones just by looking at the Marketing Technology landscape. Every year, we see more and more […]

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With the new year comes new goals — and as a marketer that means new lead targets. What are your plans for driving more, better leads in 2015?

Check out how these seven types of interactive content can help you meet your New Year’s lead resolutions:

1. Quizzes: Moving beyond the magazine.

No longer just the domain of women’s magazines and Buzzfeed puff pieces, quizzes are now serious business for the B2B marketer.   Particularly at the top of the funnel, marketers are using quizzes as a way to draw prospects in and start a dialog.

Quizzes offer a number of benefits as lead generators.

Because […]

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