We’re sad to bid adieu to our month of content on event marketing, but we aren’t too fussed — after all, we have Dreamforce to look forward to in two weeks (and if that doesn’t fill our appetite for marketing events, I don’t know what will).

But before we usher in a month filled with brand new content, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of this month’s top assets. Just in case you missed any days on our blog, we had plenty of event-related content for you to peruse, from handbooks to eBooks and quizzes. Take a [...]

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How many of you read the headline to this post and thought, “I get it, Pardot! You’re going to be at Dreamforce!”?

I wouldn’t blame you if you had. But this post isn’t about our presence at Dreamforce, it’s about you! With a predicted 140,000 attendees and 1,400+ breakout sessions this year, planning your Dreamforce strategy can be a little overwhelming.

Whether you’re an attendee, marketer, or sales rep gearing up for the world’s largest cloud-computing conference, we’ve developed a resource to help you get the most of your Dreamforce experience. Our Dreamforce 2014 Handbook includes event information, helpful tips for sales [...]

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The countdown has officially started.

We’re just weeks away from the largest cloud computing event in the world: Dreamforce 2014. So if you’re trying to plan out your Dreamforce strategy before you head to San Francisco with 130,000 other people on October 13th (a very smart thing to do), we’re here to tell you how to make sure you get your Pardot fix. Check out the short video above to get all the details from our Events Manager, Suzy Matus, and follow the links below for more information.

Where To Find Us

Whether you’re new to marketing automation and looking for a quick [...]

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With Dreamforce 2014 coming up in October, we’ve got events on the brain! To gear up for all the Tweeting and Instagramming we will certainly be doing at the exciting sessions and late-night parties, we’ve released a brand new handbook to help you master social media for events.

Whether you’re hosting a conference, manning a booth at a trade show, or attending an event as a guest, the resources in this handbook will help you use social media to make the most of any B2B marketing event. The Social Media for Events Handbook includes:

a breakdown of the benefits of leveraging social [...]

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When it comes to events, you want to get as much out of your efforts as you put in — and ideally, you want to get more. We know how big of an investment events can be, whether we’re talkin’ trade shows, virtual events, speaking gigs, or any other industry event. Once you’ve gone through the trouble of justifying your trip expenses, booking your flights, and designing your booth, at some point you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “This better be worth it.”

When B2B marketers were asked to identify which marketing tactic delivered the most ROI, trade shows and events emerged [...]

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What do the dates October 13 – 16 mean to you?

If you’re like us and over 130,000 other expected attendees, mid-October means one thing and one thing only: Dreamforce 2014.

As Dreamforce approaches and Dreamforce fever inevitably sets in, we’re excited to announce that our September content theme will focus around — you guessed it — events marketing. More specifically, we’ll be talking about how to use marketing automation and other technology solutions to rethink your approach to events and lead generation. Throughout the month of September, in addition to our larger discussion of marketing automation and B2B marketing best practices, we’ll be taking [...]

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It may only be August, but it’s never too early to start thinking about where you’ll be in October. And if you’re a B2B marketer, you should be at Dreamforce.

What exactly is Dreamforce, you ask?

Dreamforce is THE conference for marketers and sales folks, taking place in San Francisco from October 13-16th — and this year, Pardot is going to have more sessions than ever, from intros to our product to more advanced courses on nurturing and ROI. Trying to decide which ones to attend? Here are the ones we don’t want you to miss:

Accelerate Pipeline with Pardot: The Salesforce B2B [...]

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Even the Atlanta Journal Constitution has agreed that Pardot is a pretty cool place to work — and this wasn’t an accolade awarded for one year only, but multiple years in a row. If you’re a self-starter looking for a challenging yet positive work environment to immerse yourself in, then you’re in luck. We’re hiring!

Join Our Awesome Engineering Team

Specifically, we’re looking for some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry to help us build, maintain, and improve our marketing automation product. The ideal candidate will be able to learn quickly, work in a fast-paced, team-driven environment, and have [...]

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