For B2B marketers, sending an email is so much more complicated than writing a few sentences of copy and hitting the “send” button. For one thing, you’re not often sending to just a single person — instead, you’re attempting to make mass emails seem like 1:1 communications. Not to mention the amount of time you put into your marketing message, image selection, segmentation, and email tracking.

It’s probably an understatement to say that you don’t want your perfectly-crafted email messages to go to waste. The first step to this? Ensuring that your emails make it to their intended destinations: [...]

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If there’s one thing we learned in 2013, it’s that just writing a top-notch email won’t always get your message the attention it deserves. There are many aspects to your email marketing strategy that are just as important as the content of your email, and this year, we delved deeper into answering these questions of strategy. Check out some of the most important lessons we learned in our 2013 Email Marketing Roundup!

“Don’t Ever Overlook Deliverability”

If there’s one thing that today’s marketers cannot afford to lose sight of amidst the mayhem, it’s email deliverability rates. After all, email is at [...]

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Responsive design is a hot topic these days, and that discussion is extending more and more to include email design. While making your website adapt to screen size is an idea that’s improving as more companies embrace it, responsive email design still presents numerous issues—enough to make you reconsider whether it’s worth it to implement yet at all.

As some of our own readers brought up, Gmail on iOS and Android doesn’t currently support CSS media queries, which means that your delicately crafted responsive email might still be impossible to read for some users. Some other lesser-used apps suffer [...]

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At the core of most B2B marketing is the belief that there’s a problem that needs solving, and the product being marketed is the best solution for it. But, since we know buyers will enter a sales cycle, do their research, and then engage with sales somewhere further into the process, we can’t just state our case so plainly; we have to build a reputation over time. If 65% of B2B buyers say emails shape their view of a brand, how do we help them view us as problem solvers?

We can draw inspiration from the offline world, in [...]

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It may be one of the most basic tools in your marketing arsenal, but there’s no question that email is far from irrelevant. In fact, an impressive 77% of consumers say email is their preferred channel for receiving permission-based marketing communications. So it’s crucial to ensure that every aspect of your email campaign is optimized before hitting that ‘Send’ button — and building an effective template is a great place to start.

77% of consumers say email is their preferred channel for receiving permission-based marketing communications (ExactTarget, 2013) 

If you’re looking for some guidelines for email template design, like where [...]

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So you’re ready to send out an eblast. Like any good email marketing professional, you’ve tailored your message, proofed your content, checked for image display issues, and tested for technical errors. It’s time to hit that send button.

Or is it?

Last week, we talked about general email sending best practices — with one important disclaimer: your ideal email sending time will ultimately depend on your product, message, and audience. So how do you find the perfect time to communicate with your audience? Simply by looking at your history.

Today’s advanced tracking and reporting tools can reveal everything you need to know [...]

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For an overworked marketer, marketing automation can be a lifesaver.

While many new technologies are adding more responsibility and complication to a marketer’s life, marketing automation has the ability to make life easier for its users. A lot easier.

You already know about using drip campaigns to automatically nurture leads, scoring and grading modules to qualify leads, and assignment rules to take care of all the boring hand-off work. One terrific automation feature that doesn’t get enough credit though is autoresponder emails.

Autoresponder emails are email communications that are sent automatically when a prospect takes a certain action, like downloading a white paper. Since [...]

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There’s no getting around it: when it comes to acquiring email subscribers, B2C companies have a definite advantage over B2B.

Yes, attractive HTML emails filled with images of consumer products and promises of sales and discounts are hard to beat as a B2B company. But your email subscribers are the regular readers of your content, the biggest fans of your product, and often the most effective advocates of your brand — so trying to gain more of them is a worthwhile endeavor for any marketer. Let’s take a look at five tips for B2B marketers looking to up their number [...]

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