It’s the most wonderful time of the year — to look back at 2014 research, statistics, and trends to see how the marketing industry progressed over the past twelve months.

And progress it did! Thanks to research compiled by Salesforce Marketing Cloud (viewable in the infographic below), we can take a look at marketers’ most common pain points, obstacles, and motivations from the past year — and keep these in mind as we fine-tune our plans for 2015.

A few key takeaways from their research? For starters, 86% of CMOs agree that creating a cohesive customer journey is a top priority, but only […]

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Last week, Pardot hosted a webinar featuring a round-table-esque discussion between some of the most respected minds in the content industry: Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, and Jay Baer. Moderated by our own Mathew Sweezey, the three thought leaders discussed their views of the 2014 content and social landscape, the brands with the most innovative approaches to content, and the changes that they anticipate for next year.

Last year, we predicted that 2014 would bring three things to the content industry: an increase in video content, a rise in the strategies guiding content creation, and improved targeting of content based on your […]

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So, what exactly is an automated lead qualification model, and how can it benefit you?

Despite being one of the most powerful features of marketing automation, the lead scoring and grading model is also one of the most difficult topics to talk about — simply because your ideal scoring and grading model will ultimately depend on your product, industry, and buyer persona. But if you’ve been letting intimidation prevent you from using this impactful tool to its full potential (or from using it at all), it’s time to reconsider.

Lead scoring, or automatically scoring leads based on implicit buying […]

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How much influence does marketing have over the sales funnel? In modern B2B organizations, it’s actually quite a lot! A common misconception is that sales is solely in charge (and therefore solely responsible) for the pace and health of their sales funnel. But now that marketers are becoming more enabled with tools like marketing automation, this isn’t exactly the case.

Today’s marketing tools have changed the way we look at the sales process. In fact, many speculate whether the traditional sales funnel even still exists, or whether it has been replaced by a more continuous cycle in which buyers are constantly […]

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The social media landscape is becoming increasingly crowded. Millions of new social accounts are created every day, including one million on Twitter alone. On top of that, organic reach on Facebook continues to drop, and rumors are flying that Twitter plans to implement its own algorithm-based feed. For many companies, it seems harder than ever to get noticed on social media.

There’s no need to panic, though. Introducing an influencer strategy into your overall marketing plan is an excellent, sustainable way to increase your reach. By engaging industry influencers on social media, you have the opportunity to connect with their networks in addition to […]

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In part one of this blog series, we looked at how to give your social profiles a visual makeover. Your company’s profiles are gorgeous now; there’s no doubt about it. But much like a Miss America contestant who flubs the interview portion of the competition, your social accounts are nothing without substance. You’ve captured people’s attention, so make sure to give your audience top-notch written content that will make them want to stay. Here’s how:

Brighten your bio.

What does your bio say about your company—both explicitly and implicitly? We’ve all rolled our eyes at professionals calling themselves tech wizards, sales ninjas, […]

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Date: December 11, 2014
Time: 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST

Both content and social have played major roles in the demand gen landscape of B2B marketing in 2014. So, what does 2015 have in store for B2B marketers? Will it be a year of change for social and content? Let’s see what the experts have to say!

Join Jay Baer, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Youtility,” Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, Ann Handley, and Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute, in this revealing and in-depth look at:

The 2014 B2B marketing year in review and predictions for 2015
New plans for content […]

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Last month, we released quite a few pieces of content revolving around the following topics: the ROI of marketing automation, selling an automation tool to upper management and your sales team, and the right metrics that marketers should be using to prove their success. All important information, especially given the following statistic:

77% of CMOs at top-performing companies indicate that their most compelling reason to implement marketing automation is to increase revenue. (Gleanster)

So how can marketing automation help your business increase revenue? What points does your management team care about? And how confident are you in your ability to justify your success […]

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