I know, I know, not another post about what the new year means for email marketing. We’ve already seen that video is the new trend, mobile’s gonna be where it’s at, gotta have microtargeting and marketing automation, and is it really an email without a #hashtag? Marketing clearly has a LOT going on in 2015, and it can be a lot to wrap your head around.

Let me clear all that up by declaring that there’s one thing 2015 is definitely going to be: the year of personalization. The common thread in all of the posts I’ve read is that you […]

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With the new year comes new goals — and as a marketer that means new lead targets. What are your plans for driving more, better leads in 2015?

Check out how these seven types of interactive content can help you meet your New Year’s lead resolutions:

1. Quizzes: Moving beyond the magazine.

No longer just the domain of women’s magazines and Buzzfeed puff pieces, quizzes are now serious business for the B2B marketer.   Particularly at the top of the funnel, marketers are using quizzes as a way to draw prospects in and start a dialog.

Quizzes offer a number of benefits as lead generators.

Because […]

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Take a moment to make a mental list of your favorite brands.

Got it? Good.

I’m willing to bet that whether you’re thinking of international giants like Coke or small, family-owned businesses from your hometown, you feel a sense of loyalty towards them. But how did it get that way? How do we, as consumers, form relationships with companies? The short answer: trust.

“Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

– Andrew Davis, founder of Monumental Shift

An obvious way to build prospective clients’ trust is through direct communications like quality content and one-on-one conversations with salespeople—but trust doesn’t start there. No one will […]

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A few months ago, we put together a blog series that focused on developing an effective paid search advertising strategy. More specifically, the three-part series discussed how to use marketing automation to make smarter advertising decisions based on the data at your disposal.

But what if you’re just getting started with paid advertising, and you’re trying to focus on the basics? If that’s the case, then you’re probably more concerned with crafting some advertising copy that resonates. The rest can come later. (Heck, even if you’ve been experimenting with paid search for a while, you still may not be 100% happy […]

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A few months ago, we published an article on “Understanding the Buyer’s Journey”— one of several we’ve written on the topic. This article focused, more specifically, on the beginning stages of building awareness with your buyer, and examined what the buyer was experiencing, the types of content they seek, and how you as a marketer can help make this stage a positive experience for them.

But the buyer’s journey doesn’t end with the awareness stage (obviously), and neither does the marketer’s responsibilities towards them. Let’s take a look at the next stage of the buyer’s journey—consideration—and the role that a marketer plays […]

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Ah, problem solving: a vague term that we find too often on resumes and not often enough in challenging work situations. Sometimes we focus so much on arriving at a solution that we don’t focus on the process of solving—and that can be an issue. After all, if we’re not creative in our approach, we probably won’t be creative in our solutions.

One of the best things about children is that they don’t see problems; they see questions. If kids don’t know something, they try their darndest to figure it out. If they can’t figure it out, they make up their own answer, often coming up with an […]

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According to a 2015 study by digital marketing company Regalix, the following are listed as the top content marketing objectives for today’s B2B companies:

1. Nurturing prospects and influencing purchase: 90%

2. Generating leads: 83%

3. Generating awareness: 76%

4. Thought leadership: 71%

5. Engaging customers to build loyalty and advocacy: 56%

6. Website traffic: 51%

7. Generating sales: 44%

Notice anything missing? Aside from objective number five, content objectives revolving around post-sales initiatives are conspicuously absent. That strikes me as odd considering the fact that it is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing one, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs. Not […]

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Over the past two months, we’ve been working with a few of our small business clients to better understand how they’re using marketing automation with their small teams. When some common themes started to crop up, we decided to package their wisdom in the hopes that it might benefit other businesses dealing with some of the same pain points.

If you find yourself dealing with dysfunctional sales and marketing workflows, difficulties with content distribution, cumbersome and time-consuming processes, and decision-making that might as well be called “guesswork,” then you might benefit from some of the advice provided by five of our […]

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