Publishing: it’s the first and most obvious step towards achieving social media marketing success. If you’re just getting started with social, hitting ‘publish’ can be a scary but essential step. After all, you won’t know what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t until you start publishing on a regular basis and monitoring your engagement levels.

But just because there’s a fair amount of trial and error in social media marketing, doesn’t mean you should go in blind. Effective social media, like any marketing initiative, requires a carefully planned strategy — particularly when the things you publish reflect publicly […]

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The other day I came across the claim that 16% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Wait, what? Doesn’t that seemed absurdly low? I dug a little deeper and realized that statistic came from a study conducted in 2011. No wonder it seemed off; it was five years out of date.

Being able to find the answer to any question with just a few keystrokes is pretty wonderful, but we also run the risk of encountering outdated information—especially when it comes to the ever-evolving state of technology. For that reason, we’ve pulled together some of the most recent email marketing stats so you can get a better […]

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In an ideal scenario, your sales reps and marketers are working as a team — marketing is setting sales up for the win, and sales is swiftly closing deal after deal.

For many organizations, the “ideal scenario” above probably sounds more like a far-fetched dream. Consider the following statistics:

45% of companies report that their sales reps need help figuring out which accounts to prioritize. (Lattice Engines/CSO Insights) Tweet This

42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right info before making a sales call. (Lattice Engines/CSO Insights) Tweet This

52% of lost sales are due to sales enablement failure. (SiriusDecisions) Tweet This

Judging by […]

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It can be one of the most frustrating situations for a sales rep: you’ve made contact with a prospect, they’ve taken an interest in your product, but they’re dragging their feet. How do you get things moving and drive home a need for your product? How do you create a ‘compelling event’?

There are many aspects of the sales cycle over which you have no control — issues of budget, hesitation from top-level executives, etc. But despite these delays, there are still ways to create a compelling event and encourage a prospect to act, and the simplest is this: personalization. […]

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Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for easy ways to improve your deliverability. While there’s no substitute for putting in the hard work to build and maintain your list (and it builds character!), there are a few quick, easy ways you can improve your deliverability in the short term while you work on also improving in the long term. Let’s take a look!


Make sure you review both your subject line and your email copy to minimize the use of keywords that often trigger spam filters. The key here is to continually look at […]

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Speculation abounds as we approach April 21, the date that Google has announced they’ll be releasing their next algorithm update — this one specifically focused on mobile. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, many are referring to this update as Mobilegeddon or the Mopocalypse, but marketers need not get carried away. As always, adapting to a new Google search update is mostly a matter of preparation.

While some pieces of the update are still up in the air, Google has definitively announced the following on their blog:

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This […]

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92% of B2B execs use a smartphone for business, and 72% use their phones to conduct product research for work. (IDG Global Solutions) The implications are clear: B2B marketers simply can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to mobile marketing. Unfortunately, only 13% of marketers feel very confident in their mobile marketing abilities, so mistakes are certainly being made. Let’s take a look at four of the most common mobile errors and how to fix them.

1. Your website fails the Mobile-Friendly Test.

As you’ve probably heard, Google is rolling out some big changes to its algorithms on April 21st to ensure […]

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If you’re like me, then you’re anxiously anticipating the release of Game of Thrones season five this weekend. Now that the show’s producers have finally confirmed that the show will soon outpace the books (a question that die-hard Game of Thrones fans have been wondering for a while now), things may soon start to get very interesting.

But it isn’t just in Westeros that we’re seeing a clash between houses. For those of us who don’t have HBO, we can watch our very own Game of Thrones just by looking at the Marketing Technology landscape. Every year, we see more and more […]

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