Every time I see a yellow school bus driving through my neighborhood, I get a twinge of nostalgia and the sudden urge to sharpen a No. 2 pencil in an old-school, manual pencil sharpener. (Then I remember I never have to eat cafeteria food again, and I feel a deep appreciation for adulthood.) If you’re like me and inevitably get nostalgic during back-to-school season, this is the blog post for you.

We’ve put together a sort of curriculum for B2B marketers and sales reps featuring six subject areas, each with three resources ranging from fun videos to in-depth e-books. The best part? Unlike in […]

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Sales professionals know that the world of sales is changing — fast. New technology is being released at an unprecedented rate. The line between sales and marketing is blurring, and the two departments are finding new ways to work together. Buyers are getting increasingly sophisticated, and they expect businesses to be able to keep up.

It can be a little overwhelming.

With this in mind, Salesforce surveyed over 2,300 sales leaders and put together the 2015 State of Sales research report. The report is bursting with up-to-the-minute insights about sales success metrics, challenges and obstacles, and technology adoption. So, what specific factors help top-performing sales teams rise above the rest? […]

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Let me tell a story about Anna and James.

Why am I telling you a story on a B2B marketing automation blog, you ask? Because it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than a list of product features and benefits, chock-full of inspiring marketing buzzwords. And because I think it’s the best way for you to envision how using sales and marketing tools like Salesforce Engage and Pardot in tandem will impact your day-to-day routine — as well as your bottom line.

The following is an excerpt from an e-book written for this very purpose. The e-book walks through a full week in the life of our […]

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Meet Ryan Johnston.

Today’s guest expert is Demand Generation Manager and long-time Pardashian Ryan Johnston. He’s here to share his expertise on building and managing campaigns — from kicking off your strategy as a novice to seeing more success as an experienced marketing automation user.

Alright Ryan, take it away.

Tell us a little bit about your background with the Pardot team, as well as your current role.

I joined the Pardot team in February of 2011 on Valentine’s day (so I immediately got 30 new Valentines — hasn’t happened since) as the second marketing hire, brought in as a marketing coordinator. Since then […]

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96% of B2B marketers say that event marketing accelerates lead generation and grows the sales pipeline. (Regalix)

That’s an impressive statistic, and one that highlights just how important events are in a modern marketing strategy. If that stat alone doesn’t convince you, consider that events are also excellent avenues for showcasing your thought leadership, nurturing business relationships, and enabling customers to make the most out of your products and services.

And while B2B events like trade shows have been around seemingly forever, they’re not going anywhere in the internet age. In fact, digital marketing has opened up new opportunities for marketers, such as webinars, virtual trade shows, […]

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Meet Isaac Payne.

Today’s expert joins us to talk about a very important topic that many marketers struggle with: reporting. As a Marketing Operations Specialist, Isaac has been building and analyzing Pardot campaigns and reporting since 2013, and is here to share his expertise!

To learn more about our summer camp content series, please click here.

Alright, Isaac, let’s dive right in…

Reporting is such a crucial thing in modern marketing — vague goals like ‘raise awareness’ and ‘improve brand image’ really aren’t cutting it anymore. But I think it’s an area where a lot of marketers are still struggling, or aren’t really sure how to get […]

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One of the most common objections to investing time in search engine optimization goes something like this: “I can’t keep up! Google’s always changing its algorithms, so there’s just no point.”

And to that, I say: “Stop! I believe in you!” and “Psst — basic SEO is much easier than you think.”

Sure, there are SEO experts who dedicate their entire careers to metadata and anchor text and long tail keywords, but you don’t have to spend hours a day to see serious results from your efforts. In fact, when it comes to writing optimized blog posts, you just need a few minutes.

Why should you care about […]

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Meet Suzy Matus.

Today’s expert joins us to share her advice on a very important and relevant topic: events — and more specifically, Dreamforce. If you’re planning to join the wonderful madness that is Dreamforce on September 15th, you can’t afford to miss Suzy’s advice for getting the most out of this incredible opportunity to connect with your peers and get the most out of your investment — as an attendee or as a sponsor.

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Alright, Suzy…

Tell us a little bit about your background here at Pardot.

I’ve been with Pardot for about […]

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