Socialware Expands Their Customer Base with Pardot

"Since we started using Pardot and Salesforce for reporting, we’ve hit increased goals, and set the stage for continued growth. We’ve been able to focus on customers and growth, which is really important to us as a small company that supports large enterprise customers."
Sarah Philips
Marketing Manager
About Socialware

Industry: Professional Services
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Quick Facts
Grew new business without losing focus on current customers
Reallocated budget to webinars based on lead volume coming from webinar channels
Increased number of marketing programs and marketing efficiency

Socialware provides a spectrum of solutions for regulated firms and their employees to generate business, comply with regulations, and manage risk on social media. The Socialware platform offers a comprehensive set of modules that provides specific solutions for different groups and needs within a firm, including Risk Management, Compliance, Discovery, Marketing, and Sales.

Socialware’s wide range of solutions for social media allow regulated firms and their customers to trust that the business they conduct on social is safe, compliant, relevant, and effective. Socialware is a trusted technology partner to more than 170 of the leading firms in the US.

The Quest for Added Insight

Prior to implementing Pardot, the Socialware team attended a number of industry events and executed marketing campaigns with little insight into their existing sales pipeline, or marketing ROI. With aggressive goals for growth and a small marketing team to manage their lead generation efforts, Socialware was in need of a marketing automation provider that would help them seamlessly manage a growing pipeline of leads and accurately measure campaign conversion rates.

Socialware chose Pardot to help them scale for growth, measure campaign effectiveness, and prioritize the marketing programs that were generating the greatest ROI.

Building a Marketing Army

When evaluating marketing automation providers, Socialware was looking for a tool that allowed their small team to create sophisticated marketing programs, generate qualified leads, and increase communication with existing customers. With Pardot, they were able to execute an increased number of marketing programs, allowing them to improve their efficiency without increasing the size of the team. The Socialware team was able to accomplish their marketing tasks and meet and exceed lead generation goals all while managing a rebrand of their platform and introducing new solutions to market.

“Pardot has allowed us to maximize our time; we’re able to manage event promotions, build landing pages, execute social campaigns, and schedule emails in record time” explains Sarah Philips, Marketing Manager at Socialware. “It was important to us to have a marketing automation system that would allow us to market to a number of audiences with unique templates, so they’re not getting hit with the same messaging and marketing.”

With a number of marketing programs in progress, Socialware needed to streamline their lead flow process. “Pardot’s customer support is second to none; the team was able to walk us through building out our process, and aid us in building a pipeline management structure that will serve us as we grow,” explains Sarah.

Now, leads that fill out forms and download key content are routed directly to Salesforce and assigned to sales reps for follow up. This seamless integration has improved the lead qualification process and created greater transparency for sales.

Improving Visibility for Sales

Socialware’s marketing team was producing a large number of leads, but without visibility the sales team was struggling to determine which leads should take priority. Helping the sales team to better understand where the leads were being generated and attaching lead scores to each one was key to Socialware’s success.

With data collected by Pardot, Socialware’s sales team is able to determine a lead’s origin, previous activity, and current interests. Pardot’s scoring and grading, along with automated integration of key fields in Salesforce, helped the sales team prioritize their hottest leads.

“The insight provided by Pardot is critical. Our sales team has the information they need to make effective communication with a lead from the moment they pick up the phone or send an email,” adds Sarah.

Optimizing Success

With Pardot, the Socialware executive team now has insight into revenue driven from events, webinars, the Socialware website, advertising, social marketing, and more.

“Pardot allowed us to define where our leads were coming from,” expands Sarah. “We knew that our marketing efforts generated leads, but we wanted to capitalize our ROI. When we started drilling down into the source of our leads, we discovered that joint webinars generated a large volume of qualified leads. This allowed us to scale back on programs that were less successful and reallocate budget for thought leadership and partner webinars, which now drive a majority of our leads — and allow us to make the most of our budget.”

Not only can Socialware see how their individual programs are doing, they can also get additional insight into the expansion of their current customer base.

“Since we started using Pardot and Salesforce for reporting, we’ve hit increased goals, and set the stage for continued growth. Our team is able to focus on new business development without compromising our current customer communication,” finishes Sarah. “With Pardot, we’ve been able to focus on customers and growth, which is really important to us as a small company that supports large enterprise customers.”