Jet Reports Manages Growth and Increases Market Visibility

"Pardot has allowed our marketing team to maintain consistency in our messaging globally. We couldn’t do marketing on a global scale without Pardot."
Diane Saeger
Vice President of Marketing
About JetReports

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Quick Facts
Increased website visits by 107% within their first year using Pardot
Increased pageviews by 105%
Increased the average time spent on the website by 35%

Jet Reports is a business intelligence and reporting tool that allows an organization to access and view business information from many angles and perspectives, helping a company make more informed business decisions.

Key Client Challenge

At Jet Reports, the marketing department was challenged with supporting multiple sales channels within the United States and internationally. Messaging delivery, consistency, and effectiveness — as well as lead notification — were day-to-day manual initiatives that consumed an incredible amount of time for the marketing team. Jet Reports needed a dependable, flexible solution that could provide powerful, time-saving features at a reasonable price.

Pardot Solution

With Pardot, Jet Reports realized new opportunities to concentrate and expand their marketing efforts into unexplored, relevant markets. Using the flexibility of the Pardot system, product messaging was customized and delivered in an efficient manner for each sales arm of the company. Given the time-savings realized with these features, the marketing department was able to build and scale their marketing efforts, without having to increase their resource base. Some of these new efforts included easy-to-deploy forms in their website re-brand effort, segmented messaging for their expanding product base, and an increase in the hosting and promotion of webinars with Pardot’s webinar connector functionality.


Jet Reports now has a scalable system that grows with the company and its products, and the marketing team is able to provide regional, relevant, flexible product message segmentation to the company’s large sales team (within the U.S. and internationally). Using Pardot’s intuitive, efficient, and consistent email functionality, Jet Reports successfully rolled out two new product launches. By eliminating tedious manual tasks, the Jet Reports team was able to focus on more strategic goals, including increasing worldwide brand visibility and recognition. The quality and ease of use of the new email testing efforts has afforded the marketing team the ability to focus and act on the test results, improving the deliverability results of their campaigns.

In the first year using Pardot:

  • visits to the website increased by 107%
  • unique visitors to the website increased by 115%
  • page views increased by 105%
  • average time spent on the website per visit increased by 35%.

User Comments

“Pardot has allowed our marketing team to maintain consistency in our messaging globally.  We can stay more relevant in our messaging and change up content when necessary. We let the data from Pardot reports tell us what works and what doesn’t. We couldn’t do marketing on a global scale without Pardot.”

– Diane Saeger, Vice President of Marketing