SST Makes Communities Safer with Pardot &

SST is the global leader in gunfire detection and location technology providing the most trusted, scalable, and reliable gunfire alert and analysis available today. SST Reduces Gun Violence with Pardot and When gun violence occurs on city streets, getting on the scene fast is the top priority of first responders. Unfortunately, fewer than 1 in 5 shooting…

RxBar Increases Campaign ROI by 1000% with Salesforce and Pardot

RxBar uses Pardot, Salesforce, and to maintain deep relationships with their end users, whether those users are B2C consumers, independent retailers, or national retailers. RxBar’s very first campaign with Pardot resulted in a 300% ROI, and within six months, that ROI had soared to 1000%.

Socialware Expands Their Customer Base with Pardot

With Pardot, Socialware has been able to focus on customers and growth, allowing them to simultaneously expand their current customer base and bring in new business. Using added insight from Pardot, Socialware can define where leads are coming from, helping their small team to prioritize and reallocate their budget to maximize ROI.

Stanley Black & Decker Increases Market Share with Pardot

With Pardot, Stanley Black & Decker has been able to empower their sales reps with personalized marketing content and complete insight into their prospects’ activities — within their CRM or on their mobile devices. The company was able to shorten the length of their sales cycle by 30% within their first year with Pardot, and another 25% in their second.

IPM Increases Marketing-Qualified Leads by 1200% with Pardot

With the help of Pardot lead nurturing, Integrated Project Management (IPM) has been able to put time back in their sales reps’ days and more effectively move leads through the funnel. Improved insight into marketing success has allowed IPM to increase their marketing-qualified leads by 1200% and further improve the conversion rate to sales-qualified leads.

EPAY Improves the Customer Experience with Pardot and Salesforce

EPAY Systems leverages Pardot, Salesforce, and to improve the end-to-end customer experience. By aligning sales and marketing behind common objectives and tools, EPAY’s marketing team is able to stay in front of prospects while sales can focus on finding new leads and closing deals. This collaboration has become the key to EPAY’s success.

SignUp4 Shortens the Sales Cycle with Pardot

SignUp4 needed a system that could grow as they grew. With Pardot, not only were they able to scale their marketing, they were also able to build an industry-leading webinar program and shorten the length of their sales cycle by 15%. As a result, the SignUp4 team is converting more qualified leads in a much faster way.