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Thoughts on Publishing a Book of Industry Best Practices

Last year, I received an interesting piece of advice: every entrepreneur should publish an industry-specific book under their name. Pardot COO Adam Blitzer and I decided we would co-author a book of best practices for marketing automation. It took us about nine months from start to finish to get the book up to standard and shippable. However, it was time well spent and well worth the wait. How so? Well, here are some key benefits we’ve enjoyed as a result of our first foray into book publishing:

  • We use the book as a sales tool by sending it to prospects and handing it out at tradeshows.
  • We use the book as a training tool for new employees and partners.
  • We’ve been able to get additional value from the book’s content by turning it into Think Outside the Inbox is available through

    Think Outside the Inbox