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Techniques to Achieve High E-mail Delivery Rates

I recently read an article about an Aberdeen Group study on e-mail deliverability.  The research found that those who pay attention to customer behavior and segmentation have an e-mail delivery rate well-above the average.  When e-mail marketers pay close attention they achieve an average delivery rate of 90.2%.

Recently, we have had several different posts about e-mail best practices.  I will briefly go over the main points of each as a refresher.

Best Practices for Testing E-mails Part 1

  • Stressed the importance of experimenting with e-mails and testing different objectives to find what works best for you and your audience

Best Practices for Testing E-mails Part 2

  • Gave specific tips for e-mails such as avoiding spam-like subjects, having appropriate landing pages to links within an e-mail, including an opt out option, sending test e-mails, and checking campaigns in different e-mail providers

E-mail Campaigns Part 1: Successful Reporting Strategies

  • Informed you to pay attention to your click-through rates, bounced e-mails, and opt out rate

E-mail Campaigns Part 2: Improving Click-Through Rate

  • To help your click-through rate tempt readers and give them what they want

Using these strategies will aid you in achieving high delivery rates for your e-mail campaigns as well.