Dreamforce 2014 is finally upon us, and it couldn’t be more exciting—and overwhelming. Yesterday was a long and wonderful day of learning, networking, and probably getting lost at least once. And even though you’re feeling inspired, the last thing you want to do is hunker down in your hotel room and spend hours creating content when you could be enjoying the keynotes, sessions, and parties that Dreamforce is famous for.

Well, whaddya know—you’re in luck! I have some tips for content marketers that will simplify your social media and blogging strategies and leave you enough time for a quick pre-party nap.


I’m [...]

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We’re kicking off one of the biggest weeks of the year in the marketing, sales, and software industries. As Dreamforce 2014 begins to pick up steam, many of us are thinking back to some of the themes covered last year and wondering what we can expect from this year’s event (aside from a look at Marc Benioff’s sweet new kicks). Will themes like mobility, the “Internet of Things,” and 1:1 marketing make a comeback, or will they be replaced by new trends and best practices?

We hazard to guess that the answer is both. While those themes still form the backbone [...]

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How many of you have had one of those nightmares where you’re running from the bad guy, except you can’t actually run? Or where you fall down and all of your teeth fall out? In fact, I had one of those “I’m running as fast as I can but not actually going anywhere” dreams just last week.

For many of us, there are some new entrants into the nightmare scene at this time of year. And no, I’m not talking about The Nightmare Before Christmas — I’m talking nightmares about Dreamforce. You know, the kind where you miss your flight out [...]

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Many people in the B2B space think that lead nurturing is a tool mainly used by marketing and sales to warm leads and move potential buyers down the funnel.  At Pardot, we find many other uses for this valuable marketing automation feature. We recently covered how we built an onboarding drip campaign for customers new to the product. In addition to customer onboarding, we have also found success using the tool for internal enablement, specifically with our sales teams.

Our Motivation

For the marketing team at Pardot, we see our own sales team as one of our key audiences to share relevant [...]

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Preparing for Dreamforce 2014?

You and 130,000 others; all of whom will soon be descending on the streets of the San Francisco financial district to network, promote, learn… and share their insights on social media.

That’s right, at marketing events as large as Dreamforce, social media is more than a past time — it’s one of the most effective ways to tie your offline and online efforts together. Let’s take a look at a few ways social media can help you get more out of your event experience, and how you can prepare ahead of time. And don’t forget to check out our [...]

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