So you’re heading home from Dreamforce 2014 (along with half of the people in the Bay Area). You’re exhausted, likely sporting some blisters, and undoubtedly suffering from a major case of information overload.We know the feeling.But your work here isn’t done! You’ve made so many connections, shared so many exciting new ideas with fellow conference-goers, and met so many potential prospects — don’t let the week’s work go to waste! Everything is still fresh in your mind, making this the perfect time to get started with your post Dreamforce follow-up plan (or at least get started thinking about your post-Dreamforce follow up plan as you nurse your [...]

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On Tuesday, October 14th, Google announced the discovery of an SSL vulnerability present in an older variant of the SSL protocol, version 3 (SSLv3).

In order to mitigate against this recently disclosed vulnerability, we are, effective immediately, disabling SSLv3 throughout the entirety of the Pardot service platform.  This step is in line with previous efforts taken to mitigate against BEAST and Heartbleed, two of the most critical SSL vulnerabilities previously identified over the past 18 months.

Pardot is not the only provider taking this step. Google and Mozilla have announced that they will remove SSLv3 support from future versions of their browsers [...]

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Dreamforce may be taking center stage on our news feeds and Twitter streams right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t release some new (non Dreamforce-related) content! If you’ve been paying close attention to our blog this month, you may remember that this month’s theme revolves around CRM + automation — namely, getting the most out of these two technologies through integration and optimization.

While much of our focus this month has been on Dreamforce, we’re returning to our theme today to release an asset that we’re really excited about, called Salesforce for B2B Marketers: The Complete Guide. If you’re a [...]

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Dreamforce 2014 is finally upon us, and it couldn’t be more exciting—and overwhelming. Yesterday was a long and wonderful day of learning, networking, and probably getting lost at least once. And even though you’re feeling inspired, the last thing you want to do is hunker down in your hotel room and spend hours creating content when you could be enjoying the keynotes, sessions, and parties that Dreamforce is famous for.

Well, whaddya know—you’re in luck! I have some tips for content marketers that will simplify your social media and blogging strategies and leave you enough time for a quick pre-party nap.


I’m [...]

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We’re kicking off one of the biggest weeks of the year in the marketing, sales, and software industries. As Dreamforce 2014 begins to pick up steam, many of us are thinking back to some of the themes covered last year and wondering what we can expect from this year’s event (aside from a look at Marc Benioff’s sweet new kicks). Will themes like mobility, the “Internet of Things,” and 1:1 marketing make a comeback, or will they be replaced by new trends and best practices?

We hazard to guess that the answer is both. While those themes still form the backbone [...]

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