Meet Phil Simpson.

Our first summer camp featured expert joins us from all the way across the pond to share his perspective a seasoned B2B sales manager (ok, so he didn’t make the trip solely for this content series; he’s been managing a team here in the Atlanta Pardot office for over three years now).

Phil’s here to share his insights on the challenges that B2B sales reps face, how he uses marketing automation on a daily basis, and how marketers can help his team accomplish their goals.

To learn more about our summer camp content series, please click here.

Phil, tell us more.

What would […]

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Two years ago, we released our Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing, complete with actionable how-to information to help our readers optimize their deliverability rates, create eye-catching email templates, choose their perfect sending time, and more. But the email industry is changing (as noted in the statistics below from Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing Report) — and our Complete Guide needed to change with it.

73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business. 

60% of marketers claim that email is a critical enabler of products and services, versus 42% of marketers in 2014. 

74% of marketers believe email produces […]

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Remember summers as a kid?

Long days in the sun, exploring the outdoors with your friends, learning from your camp counselors, and falling into bed at night excited to get up the next morning and show off some of your newfound skills—wouldn’t it be nice if the real world accommodated summer camp?

Ok, so we can’t promise archery, hiking, or arts and crafts, but we do hope to harness some of that same fun learning style in our summer camp content series. We’ll be bringing in some of the most trusted experts we know to directly answer questions that plague marketers every day, and […]

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A few weeks ago, we launched a new e-book in partnership with the content experts at Kapost. The e-book explored the problems plaguing modern product launch marketing, and offered up a simple solution to the increasing number of failed product launches: content marketing.

With the emergence of content marketing as a discipline, product marketers have a secret weapon in the launch process. The reality is that a launch begins the moment the product team green-lights a new development process. Because of this extended timeline, the product marketing team can begin priming the pump as far before the actual launch as needed.

– […]

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Date: June 18, 2015
Time: 1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT

As marketers, we’re trained to think creatively: who is our target audience and how can we reach them? How can we communicate with prospects in new and exciting ways? But, sometimes it’s easy to forget that marketing’s most important customer is sitting right under the same roof, and likely, within earshot: your sales team.

It may be fairly new terminology for many marketers, but ‘sales enablement’ is about to become one of the most crucial elements of B2B marketing — and businesses that don’t make it a priority are bound to fall behind.

Join […]

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Forget champagne and noisemakers; marketers’ favorite part of the new year is making predictions about what’s to come for the marketing industry. But, much like New Year’s resolutions, these predictions are often forgotten about come February.

Well, we’re about halfway through 2015, so let’s bring back those long-forgotten speculations. Where does the marketing industry stand? Let’s take a look at three bold predictions marketing professionals made for 2015—and whether marketers are fulfilling them.

Prediction #1: Native Video Takeover

“Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will show preferential treatment to video content that is hosted on their own platform. This means that marketers will be uploading original video content to each social […]

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