The debate continues over whether HTML or plain text reign supreme in the email landscape. While reputable sources like Litmus claim that plain text emails are more important than ever, others argue that plain text died a painful death long ago, and should be entirely forsaken by marketers (check out this article on ClickZ for an example of someone who feels strongly about the latter).

So, who’s right?

Unsurprisingly, the answer isn’t entirely black and white. At Pardot, we subscribe to a best practice called Multi-part MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), which is described more in depth in the aforementioned Litmus […]

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Whether you feel overworked, are frustrated by boring meetings, or struggle with creative problem solving, there’s always a hurdle to jump over in the business world. While marketing automation may not be able to eliminate meetings, it can help in myriad other ways. In this blog post, we’ll takes a look at three common challenges faced by B2B sales and marketing teams — and what you can do to overcome them. Plus, we’ll get some insight from real marketing automation users who have overcome these challenges themselves.

1. “Our sales cycle is too long; it takes forever to close a deal.”

According to research from Harvard, over 25% of sales […]

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Whether you’re just getting back from Dreamforce or you’re working to achieve your end-of-year B2B marketing goals (or both!), one thing is certain: you’re constantly working to improve your efforts.

But that can be hard when your efforts span so many different areas, including lead generation, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and more. But what if you could improve your entire B2B marketing strategy just by focusing on one key element of each of these areas? Let’s take a look.

“I want to improve my lead generation strategy.”

Your lead generation strategy is only as good as the landing pages and […]

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Live events like Dreamforce are a hugely important component of a B2B marketing strategy for one major reason: in-person interactions. There’s no real replacement for having a face-to-face conversation with someone about your business.

But there’s another aspect to events that can greatly enhance and supplement this in-person networking, and that’s social media. Using social media for B2B marketing events has a wealth of benefits for event hosts, sponsors, and attendees alike. You can (and should) use social to:

Create a buzz around your upcoming events
Increase brand exposure by using an event hashtag
Share insights, quotes, and photos with people who are unable […]

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What a week it has been! If you’ve been following our blog, you probably noticed that we were knee-deep in all things Dreamforce last week. (If you weren’t able to make it out to the conference, check out our Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 wrap-up posts.) Now, we’re back home and ready to hit the ground running — but just like many of you, we have to answer one important question: what’s next?

For any event — whether you’re an attendee, a sponsor, or a host — you want to make sure that you’re capitalizing on your event investment. […]

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Last night, Pardot hosted our Shaken Not Stirred: License to Sell party that had party-goers lined up around the block. With Thomas Middleditch,  Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr of HBO’s Silicon Valley among the guest list, the party quickly hit capacity as guests enjoyed free premium drinks and music mixed by one of the city’s hottest DJs. Check out the write-up of the party in the Bay Area HQ!

For even more pictures, check out the full Facebook album here.

Stock Photo Extravaganza

The Pardot party may have gone until the wee hours of the morning, but we were ready bright and […]

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“There’s a gap between customers and companies, and that’s why we’re all here — to fill that gap.” – Marc Benioff

The day started with lines out the door at our B2B Marketers Cafe at the Grove and Pardot’s fleet of Fiats zipping their way through the city (see the image below!). If you haven’t been to the Grove yet, don’t miss your chance to grab some free food and check out some informal sessions tomorrow — it’s the last day that the B2B Marketers Cafe will be open!

In fact, Jill Rowley led a session on Social Selling to a packed house […]

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The Pardot team officially kicked off an exciting #DF15 today, and just like that our best Dreamforce ever is off and running! Take a look at our quick recap below. 

Roadmaps and Big Product Announcements

Dreamforce is always chock full of product news, so it’s only fitting that we started the day with the Pardot Roadmap. News of more customizable reporting, enhancements to Salesforce Engage, speedier Salesforce integration and a shiny new multi-scoring interface were met with applause from a packed house of Pardot clients. We can’t wait to get these features into the wild — keep an eye on the Winter […]

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