87% of B2B marketers use social media as part of their content strategy. (CMI)

Think social media is only for your B2C counterparts? For flashy ad campaigns, product giveaways, and clever contests?

Think again.

True, when it comes to garnering fans, companies like Coca Cola may have an edge over, say, a B2B software vendor. But while the personal nature of social media made the early days of social marketing far more conducive to B2C, social media is now an integral part of most businesses’ marketing strategies, and B2B organizations are no exception.

However, the world of social media [...]

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Answer honestly: when was the last time you bought a product after reading an eBook?

At the risk of offending all of the content marketers out there, let me say this: it makes little to no sense to give 100% credit for a sale to an eBook. But before you start banging down my door, allow me to explain.

I’ll never disagree with the fact that eBooks are great for engagement. They’re great for SEO, great for brand and trust building, and can really help prospects understand a company’s product and industry.

But before you say “this eBook closed a million dollar deal,” [...]

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When an average of just 1-4% of B2B landing page visitors convert to leads, it’s not hard to get discouraged (BrightInfo). If you’ve designed a killer landing page, clearly defined your value proposition, and created a form, you may wonder why your conversion rate isn’t higher. If this is the case, make sure you’re not overlooking the importance of effective landing page copy. On a webpage with one clear purpose, every word must count. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some simple tips you can use to optimize your landing page copy and drive more conversions.

1. Write Actionable Headlines

Good headlines tell visitors [...]

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Email Deliverability: Meet the Writers

Editor’s note: Here on the Pardot blog, we love writing about marketing automation best practices, overarching industry trends, and all things B2B marketing. But we also know that it takes a myriad of teams to make life at Pardot (or any organization) run smoothly, and that communication between these teams is crucial—heck, alignment is what Pardot’s all about. So, on our mission to bring as many different perspectives to our content as possible, we’re opening up our blog to some of our staff’s other talented writers. First up: meet a couple of resident email deliverability experts, [...]

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Don’t Stop Now: Get More Out of All Your Online Advertising Work

Christina Sapienza, Online Marketing Manager at salesforce.com, shares her experiences using marketing automation to fuel online advertising campaigns in her final post of this this three-part series.

We talked about setting the foundation of your online advertising + marketing automation strategy in Part I of this blog series, and we dove even deeper into untapped opportunities in Part II. This next post will have you always looking forward at how you can make the most of that work, beyond the disciplines within the digital marketing world.

Give Sales a Helping [...]

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When it comes to events, you want to get as much out of your efforts as you put in — and ideally, you want to get more. We know how big of an investment events can be, whether we’re talkin’ trade shows, virtual events, speaking gigs, or any other industry event. Once you’ve gone through the trouble of justifying your trip expenses, booking your flights, and designing your booth, at some point you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “This better be worth it.”

When B2B marketers were asked to identify which marketing tactic delivered the most ROI, trade shows and events emerged [...]

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