While our posts this week have focused largely on the fun, creative aspects of the new year, from inspirational content ideas to annoying business-speak, it’s time to bring it back to a slightly more serious (but necessary) topic for 2015: campaign planning. Chances are, if you generally participate in campaign planning at the beginning of every quarter, you’re already well on your way to carrying out a plan you created a few days, weeks, or months ago. But if you’re on a smaller marketing team that doesn’t map out a campaign plan for each quarter (or month, year, etc), it […]

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[A Dialogue with Your Editors]

Molly: Buzzwords and business jargon — let’s face it, we’re all guilty of letting a few cringeworthy cliches fly from time to time. And, as the two main contributors to the Pardot blog, Jenna and I will be the first to confess: we have, on more than one occasion, found ourselves wincing out overused phrases like ‘marketing arsenal,’ ‘siloed tools,’ and ‘finding the bandwidth.’

But as we turn the page on a fresh new year, there’s no better time for marketers, and particularly content marketers, to take a quick look at some of the jargon in your […]

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post summarizing a few content marketing predictions from thought leaders Joe Pulizzi, Jay Baer, and Ann Handley. During their roundtable discussion with Pardot’s own Mathew Sweezey, the three content experts shared some of their favorite B2C and B2B content examples from the past year (and a few that are even older!). Naturally, as a content marketer myself, I couldn’t resist writing about them.

If you’re looking for some ideas to inspire your content this year, the following examples are a great place to start — and they’ve been endorsed by some of the biggest […]

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Understanding and identifying your audience is the first step on the path to achieving marketing automation success. Once you’ve done that, the opportunities for marketing automation are endless. Many marketers spent 2014 focusing on their audience, personas, and goals. That paid off big time, because now you have the infrastructure in place to implement unique marketing automation ideas for success in 2015. Here are some of those ideas:

1. Be open about your goals

Set expectations up front and your audience will not be confused or disconnected. Always remind your audience why you’re sending them emails and why you’re communicating.

For example:

“You’re receiving this email because you’re […]

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It’s a common misconception: that marketing automation is a complex tool that a smaller marketing team would struggle to set up and maintain. In reality, marketing automation provides a number of benefits that are specifically geared towards helping marketers do more with less, making it the perfect solution for teams with limited time and resources, and easily justifying the investment in a new tool. Let’s take a look at how marketing automation can help smaller businesses grow their efforts — while simplifying life for the marketers who are making it all happen. And don’t forget to grab your copy of our […]

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I haven’t listened to the radio since August. My round-trip commute takes three hours, but not once in the past five months have I so much as touched the radio dial. How, you may ask, do I weather the Atlanta traffic without going insane? I’ll let you in on a little secret: podcasts.

Okay, so maybe podcasts aren’t my own personal secret. How could they be when 30% of Americans have listened to at least one? That number, by the way, is up from 9% in 2008 (Edison Research). On the heels of the smash hit Serial, New York magazine has […]

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A top priority for many B2B companies in the new year will be to optimize any poorly-performing landing pages — but you probably don’t need to read a blog article to understand the benefits of shorter forms and bulleted text, right?

But what about some more overlooked ways to optimize your landing pages, like how your forms handle error validation or the types of images on your page?

If you’ve done your research and organized your landing pages according to best practices, but still aren’t seeing the results you want, take a look at a few more optimization ideas below.

Instantly validate errors on […]

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At this point, if you’ve read part one of my “worst word” series, you should shudder every time you see the word blast as it relates to email. Email blast! Email blast!

Now that we’ve killed that word as it relates to email, where do we go from here? How do you think of your email sends now? (If you aren’t ready to give up on the word “blast” just yet, try mixing it up with a new catastrophe. Why not call it an email tornado, email avalanche, or email dragon swarm?)

In a world where your relationship with your client means […]

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