Date: November 19, 2014
Time: 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST

B2B marketers need a secret weapon when it comes to campaign management and data quality, especially given the number of campaigns and marketing avenues that they have to work through. provides a solution: Pardot B2B Marketing Automation and

In this webinar, Sangram Vajre, Director of Marketing at Pardot, and Bob Memmer, AVP of, take a look at how clean, quality data and marketing automation can work together to help you:

Focus and personalize your messaging
Provide cross-channel campaign management
Increase relevancy of sales conversations
Improve ROI

We’ll also have the opportunity to hear from Jeremy […]

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending TrackMaven‘s webinar on “Creating Scaleable Content Marketing.” And although there were a number of interesting stats throughout the hour-long presentation, one stat in particular jumped out at me:

Only 9% of B2B marketers believe their organization’s use of content marketing is very effective.

As someone who’s very well aware of how much time and effort goes into creating a piece of content, this hit home.

Online marketers are constantly engaged in an ‘attention war’ (as noted by Allen Gannett, presenter of the webinar and founder of TrackMaven). Consumers are hit with a barrage of advertising and content […]

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How many of us have ever written a piece of content we feel confident about, only to have it fall flat on its face (*raises hand*)? In a way, content marketing operates very similarly to economics. The greater the supply, the less the demand — and this has never been more true than today. Marketers are creating content out the wazoo, but buyers can only consume so much of it.

To really make an impact — to prevent your perfectly good piece of content from falling on its face — your content needs to have it all. I’m sure you’ve read […]

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What metrics do you use to measure the success of your marketing?

You may be aware of the term ‘vanity metrics,’ or numbers that don’t represent true value for your business’ bottom line, but do you really know which metrics are ‘vanity’ and which are more meaningful? As I recently heard it (aptly) put, “vanity metrics just show that marketing is busy;” what you’re looking for are metrics to communicate that marketing contributes value to a business’ bottom line. Let’s break down the difference:

Vanity Metrics Aren’t Inherently Bad…

It’s not that you shouldn’t pay any attention to vanity metrics; in fact, vanity […]

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B2B marketing is ever-changing, and it’s currently undergoing a huge revolution. Today’s schools don’t often teach some of the skillsets that modern marketers need to succeed. Sure, you can learn about the 4 P’s, read great case studies from companies like Coke and GE, and dive into go-to-market strategies — but there is a huge disconnect between the time it takes to learn about these strategies and the time it actually takes to implement them.

The reality is that marketing is one of those careers where you have to learn on the job and be smart on your feet. It is […]

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When talk turns to marketing automation, one of the first topics to come up is generally ROI. It’s even a topic that we’re dedicating a month’s worth of blog content to, because we know ROI is always top of mind when evaluating a marketing automation system. But while it’s important to talk about the revenue-generating potential of an automation tool, what about the cost-savings benefits? Isn’t it just as important to sell upper management on the money you’re saving the company, as well as the money you’re making it?

The answer is, of course, yes.

There are plenty of ways that marketing […]

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Now that you know a little bit about what a blacklist is and what it’s used for, let’s get into how blacklisting works and how you might find yourself on a blacklist.

Private Blacklists

First we’ll cover private blacklists, such as McAfee, Hotmail, and blacklists run by prospect IT teams on corporate email servers. These blacklists generally tend to be based on email content and email volume. However, since these blacklists are privately owned and operated, we cannot easily determine what specific element of an email necessarily caused the listing. In cases of private blacklisting, it’s a good idea to double check your email […]

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