Even the Atlanta Journal Constitution has agreed that Pardot is a pretty cool place to work — and this wasn’t an accolade awarded for one year only, but multiple years in a row. If you’re a self-starter looking for a challenging yet positive work environment to immerse yourself in, then you’re in luck. We’re hiring!

Join Our Awesome Engineering Team

Specifically, we’re looking for some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry to help us build, maintain, and improve our marketing automation product. The ideal candidate will be able to learn quickly, work in a fast-paced, team-driven environment, and have […]

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There’s been a lot of hubbub across the internet this week after a vulnerability (affectionately referred to as “heartbleed“) was discovered in a common open source library called OpenSSL, used to provide encryption (SSL/HTTPS) for many tools such as web servers and database systems.

As soon as we learned of this vulnerability on Tuesday afternoon, we assessed our risk by identifying all systems possibly running the vulnerable version of the OpenSSL library. Luckily, all of our customer-facing servers were not running a vulnerable version. This includes both the Pardot application at https://pi.pardot.com and the Pardot website at http://www.pardot.com.

We did have some non-customer facing servers running a […]

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Achieving sincerity at scale on behalf of your sales team is one of the best features of using Pardot for your marketing automation. Personalizing emails to be sent from your sales reps as part of nurturing and email campaigns drives a huge boost in open and click engagement, resulting in more qualified leads and shorter sales cycles.

Today, Pardot is pleased to announce the ability to now personalize nurture and list emails on behalf of the account owner. This builds on the current functionality of being able to send from the lead or contact owner.

Pardot now allows the sender information […]

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When building drip nurturing programs, we often came across scenarios where it’d be useful to either jump forward or re-combine branches. A good example of this is when a prospect opens one of your emails, you may want to notify a user, but then continue the rest of the drip program logic. Alternatively, you may want to skip forward to the “conclusion” of a drip nurturing program if a prospect interacts with an email in a particular way.

Today, we’re excited to formally announce the ability to jump forward to any “future” email send step:

This more flexible control over the flow […]

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We’ve seen a significant uptick recently in folks interested in using our API to do really neat things, such as integrating custom CRMs, CMSes, and other third party data providers. As a product manager, it has been rewarding to get more feedback from users on where next to focus our API development efforts to keep expanding the depth and breadth of data available via our API.

Today, I’m excited to share a few recent improvements we’ve made to the API based on user feedback, starting with the addition of the ability to create, update, read, and query prospect accounts. Prospect Accounts […]

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Rejoice! We’ve just released a big upgrade to most of the tables we use to show prospects throughout Pardot by adding the “View” drop-down that allows you to filter by active, assigned, unassigned, mailable, never active, etc. This “View” drop-down has been available on the main prospect table for quite a while, but it’s even more useful in the context of other areas.

Some great examples of using this to easily pull numbers or segment on the fly would be filtering a list by assigned or un-mailable prospects (bounced or unsubscribed), or filtering a campaign by never active prospects.

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Good news! We’ve enhanced our import process to store a history of all imports, as well as the particular new or updated prospects included in that import. This makes tasks like going back to a previous import to tag, segment, or filter those prospects much easier.

The import log lives on the first page of the Import Wizard, and can be filtered to show only your imports, or imports by any user:

Additionally, you can drill in to each past import and filter the prospects based on whether they were created or updated (because they already existed) during the import:

Last but not […]

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Ever since the launch of our new email preference pages, we’ve heard a lot of requests from clients far and wide to allow full customization of the copy in both the unsubscribe and email preference pages. This also has an additional benefit of making these pages fully internationalize-able (is that a word? it is now!).

As you can see, every single bit of the copy/language can be tweaked, down to the error messages, confirmations, and submit button. We can’t wait to see everyone put this to great use to make some great looking subscription preference pages!



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