Video in Email

Vincent Migliore —  March 6, 2012

Video and email aren’t best friends. All email clients have their own limitations for which formats they can play. Extensive testing from Campaign Monitor showed that outside of Apple Mail, you really can’t embed video in email reliably.

There are a couple of alternatives to get your video out to prospects without running the risk of sending a broken email and getting reported as spam.

First Things First
If you are going to send a video, make sure it makes sense for the audience you are communicating with. If the reader doesn’t know why they should watch your video, they probably won’t. Using […]

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No Time to Panic

Vincent Migliore —  November 30, 2011

Pardot Support sees a lot of reoccurring issues that have many folks running for the fire alarm. Put down your hard hat and axe, and relax. Pardot has your back faster than you can count backwards from ten. Here are some common mistakes that can cause panic and how to deal with them.

Emailed wrong URL
You’ve just sent an email blast out to a huge list containing a mistyped URL. That sentence might make you panic just from reading it. However, just get in touch with Pardot Support as soon as you realize you’ve made this mistake, and we’ll correct the […]

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