Meet Isaac Payne.

Today’s expert joins us to talk about a very important topic that many marketers struggle with: reporting. As a Marketing Operations Specialist, Isaac has been building and analyzing Pardot campaigns and reporting since 2013, and is here to share his expertise!

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Alright, Isaac, let’s dive right in…

Reporting is such a crucial thing in modern marketing — vague goals like ‘raise awareness’ and ‘improve brand image’ really aren’t cutting it anymore. But I think it’s an area where a lot of marketers are still struggling, or aren’t really sure how to get […]

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Meet Suzy Matus.

Today’s expert joins us to share her advice on a very important and relevant topic: events — and more specifically, Dreamforce. If you’re planning to join the wonderful madness that is Dreamforce on September 15th, you can’t afford to miss Suzy’s advice for getting the most out of this incredible opportunity to connect with your peers and get the most out of your investment — as an attendee or as a sponsor.

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Alright, Suzy…

Tell us a little bit about your background here at Pardot.

I’ve been with Pardot for about […]

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Meet Cliff Seal.

Today we’re joined by special guest Cliff Seal, a prominent expert in the Atlanta tech community and a tenured member of the Pardot team. Cliff is here to share on an area of his User Experience (UX) expertise that is particularly pertinent to B2B marketers: website effectiveness and lead generation. 

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Alright, Cliff…

Tell us a little bit about your background with User Experience. What roles have you had at Salesforce Pardot over the years? Prior to/outside of Salesforce Pardot?

Like a lot of UX folks, I discovered how […]

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Meet Seth Hathcock.

Our summer camp content series continues with Digital Learning Specialist (and video expert) Seth Hathcock! Check out our interview to learn his process for thinking through Pardot’s video strategy (before he starts rolling the camera), how to keep costs low, and what’s up next for video trends.

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Alright, let’s start with the basics.

How do you use video in your job? Why do you think it’s becoming such a popular medium for marketers?

We use video on the Training and Certification team to communicate strategic concepts to our learners in a […]

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Meet the training dream team.

For this next summer camp session, we’re joined by two long-time members of the Pardot training team: Anna Sims and Scott Konkol. 

Anna and Scott are here to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the Pardot training team, share their expert thoughts on the industry as a whole, and give actionable advice to other businesses trying to put an effective training program in place.

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Anna and Scott, take it away.

Tell us a little bit about your background, how you got involved with our training team, […]

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Meet Phil Simpson.

Our first summer camp featured expert joins us from all the way across the pond to share his perspective a seasoned B2B sales manager (ok, so he didn’t make the trip solely for this content series; he’s been managing a team here in the Atlanta Pardot office for over three years now).

Phil’s here to share his insights on the challenges that B2B sales reps face, how he uses marketing automation on a daily basis, and how marketers can help his team accomplish their goals.

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Phil, tell us more.

What would […]

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Remember summers as a kid?

Long days in the sun, exploring the outdoors with your friends, learning from your camp counselors, and falling into bed at night excited to get up the next morning and show off some of your newfound skills—wouldn’t it be nice if the real world accommodated summer camp?

Ok, so we can’t promise archery, hiking, or arts and crafts, but we do hope to harness some of that same fun learning style in our summer camp content series. We’ll be bringing in some of the most trusted experts we know to directly answer questions that plague marketers every day, and […]

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There’s a lot of talk these days about the vague concept of ‘catering your marketing to your customer.’ But how do you actually do this? How do you give the buyer what they want, when they want it? And, most importantly, how do you achieve this 1:1 personalization on a scaleable level?

The answer, as many marketing automation users have come to recognize, is simple: lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing, also called drip marketing, is one of the most powerful and sought-after features of a marketing automation system — and one that you should take advantage of as early on as possible. With the ability to drive revenue […]

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