B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales pipeline contribution by 10%. –Forrester Research

It’s not a number to scoff at, and it explains why marketing automation has now amassed widespread interest across industries. In fact, 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than two years. (Gleanster)

But enough with all the stats. You get why you need marketing automation (maybe you’ve even signed a contract already); what you need to know now is how to use your platform to make these stats a reality for your business.

Enter, The Marketing Automation Success Kit.

We know that marketing automation can […]

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How are your prospects interacting with the content on your website? How many views does your average e-book get? What types of social media posts do your followers most appreciate?

If you’re investing time and resources into your marketing initiatives, but operating blindly when it comes to engagement levels, there’s a good chance you’re wasting a significant amount of time and money. Learning how to track engagement is the first step towards learning how to improve engagement, and luckily, today’s tools can help. Let’s explore a few of the ways that marketing automation can provide insights into the ways that people engage […]

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In the past six months, how much time have you dedicated to your customer retention strategy?

In all of the hype of attracting, nurturing, and converting prospects, it’s sometimes easy to forget the true key to sustainable growth: obtaining lifelong customers. The type of customers who will not only provide a consistent source of revenue and save on training and implementation costs, but will provide insightful recommendations for product enhancements and even bring in new prospects by giving testimonials and recommending your product to others.

Customer retention is a crucial aspect of any business’ strategy, and one that all […]

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Ramping up marketing automation as a small business marketer isn’t always easy. In fact, for multitasking marketers experiencing a perpetual shortage of time and resources, implementing and optimizing a new platform can seem more than difficult — it can seem impossible.

But at the end of the day, doing more with less is what marketing automation is all about, making it an ideal solution for these pressed-for-time marketers. So we’ve broken the process of ramping up marketing automation into three basic (and hopefully less-overwhelming) steps, and included our favorite helpful resources to instruct you through each one. Check it out!

Step 1: Establish a plan.

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It’s no secret that marketing automation is changing the marketing landscape for B2B companies of all sizes, but many smaller businesses (understandably) still have concerns.

We get it—Pardot was a small business not too long ago, so we fully understand the challenges that come along with tight budgets, limited headcount, and a perpetual shortage of time. But, as we’ve said many times before, using our own product was a crucial element to Pardot’s successful growth and expansion.

So when Gleanster recently conducted a study on marketing automation usage at smaller companies and found concrete evidence to back up our claims, we were thrilled. Their […]

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If I asked you, right now, to describe your marketing team’s number one customer, what would you say?

As marketers, we’re trained to think creatively: who is our target audience and how can we reach them? How can we communicate with prospects in new and exciting ways? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that marketing’s most important customer is sitting right under the same roof, and likely, within earshot: your sales team.

We’ve talked a lot recently about sales-marketing alignment, but let’s take a closer look at two major reasons why catering to sales should be a top priority when you […]

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Ever downloaded an e-book only to find a veritable dictionary of marketing jargon and buzzwords? Ever get sick of sifting through a jumble of impressive vocabulary when all you want to do is answer one question:

How will this tool impact me?

If you’re searching for a compilation of the latest marketing adjectives (about a ‘synergistic, game-changing solution to revolutionize your sales-marketing ecosystem’), this may not be the e-book for you. But if you’re curious to see how Sales Cloud Engage, a new solution from Pardot Salesforce, would impact your day-to-day workflow…well, read on.

You see, this is a story about Anna and James.

Just your average mid-market […]

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Publishing: it’s the first and most obvious step towards achieving social media marketing success. If you’re just getting started with social, hitting ‘publish’ can be a scary but essential step. After all, you won’t know what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t until you start publishing on a regular basis and monitoring your engagement levels.

But just because there’s a fair amount of trial and error in social media marketing, doesn’t mean you should go in blind. Effective social media, like any marketing initiative, requires a carefully planned strategy — particularly when the things you publish reflect publicly […]

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