There’s been a lot of buzz lately around the idea of ‘the buyer’s journey,’ or a prospect’s experience from click to close. And it makes sense: in a world where alternatives to your product are just a quick Google search away, ensuring that a prospect’s experience is positive from the moment they engage has never been more important. Modern marketers must have a thorough knowledge not only of who their buyer is, but how they progress from awareness to purchase, their specific needs at each step along the way, and how you, as a marketer, can cater to these needs.

So what [...]

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It’s a simple truth: marketing and sales teams that successfully work together, win together.

And yet, in too many organizations, marketing and sales teams are still operating in silos, with disparate priorities, separate tools, and very little communication. Marketing is focused on generating as many leads as possible and wonders why hard-earned deals are going nowhere, while sales complains that leads are low quality and can’t be worked.

Sound familiar?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that both teams ultimately have the same goals: to close more business, in less time, and to scale efforts to reach as many new [...]

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How much time do you spend preparing to sponsor a trade show event?If you’re in marketing, this question is probably a no-brainer: a lot. Preparing booth signage, finding session speakers, ensuring you have sufficient staff and that everyone is where you need them to be can mean a number of late nights (and maybe a few sleepless ones as well).How much time do you spend on an event after it’s over?If your answer to this question is a little less definite, keep reading. Post-event reporting and follow-up is as crucial a part of event marketing success as any of your pre-event preparations. If this sounds like [...]

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So you’re heading home from Dreamforce 2014 (along with half of the people in the Bay Area). You’re exhausted, likely sporting some blisters, and undoubtedly suffering from a major case of information overload.We know the feeling.But your work here isn’t done! You’ve made so many connections, shared so many exciting new ideas with fellow conference-goers, and met so many potential prospects — don’t let the week’s work go to waste! Everything is still fresh in your mind, making this the perfect time to get started with your post Dreamforce follow-up plan (or at least get started thinking about your post-Dreamforce follow up plan as you nurse your [...]

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Preparing for Dreamforce 2014?

You and 130,000 others; all of whom will soon be descending on the streets of the San Francisco financial district to network, promote, learn… and share their insights on social media.

That’s right, at marketing events as large as Dreamforce, social media is more than a past time — it’s one of the most effective ways to tie your offline and online efforts together. Let’s take a look at a few ways social media can help you get more out of your event experience, and how you can prepare ahead of time. And don’t forget to check out our [...]

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We’re (finally) just one week out from the world’s largest cloud computing event: Dreamforce 2014. And if you’re among the sponsors that will be putting the finishing touches on your booth next week at this time, there’s one thing you should know: no matter how long you’ve been planning and preparing for this event, once the Dreamforce madness beings, the week will be over before you can blink.

This is true of most trade shows: you have a short amount of time to collect a lot of information from a lot of people. So let’s take a look at three [...]

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The idea of integrating marketing automation with a CRM platform is no new topic for our blog.

We’ve talked previously about the differences between the two platforms, how they work together, and why you need both. We’ve written blog posts, published white papers, designed infographics, and animated videos like the one below to clarify differences and explain the integration.

But as we kick off the month of October, we’re excited to announce that our content theme for the next four weeks will be (you guessed it) the marketing automation + CRM dream team. Why revisit this topic? Well, for one reason, we know [...]

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The countdown has officially started.

We’re just weeks away from the largest cloud computing event in the world: Dreamforce 2014. So if you’re trying to plan out your Dreamforce strategy before you head to San Francisco with 130,000 other people on October 13th (a very smart thing to do), we’re here to tell you how to make sure you get your Pardot fix. Check out the short video above to get all the details from our Events Manager, Suzy Matus, and follow the links below for more information.

Where To Find Us

Whether you’re new to marketing automation and looking for a quick [...]

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