Last time on the Smarter Marketing Series, we talked about how businesses with limited resources can build out a robust RSS reader to create a steady stream of content ideas. In today’s video, we’re talking about the next step: what to do with these ideas, and how to turn them into effective, polished content. Check it out!

Turning Ideas into Content

Turning ideas from your RSS reader into blog fodder doesn’t have to be exhausting business (blog posts aren’t term papers, after all), but you can’t just repost someone else’s thoughts either. So take ideas from others and quickly add a little [...]

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Having trouble selling the C-suite on the need for marketing automation?

Particularly when you’re an SMB and strapped for budget and headcount, marketing automation can seem like a pretty significant investment — and it is. But as we’ve said before (and will say again), marketing automation can go a long ways towards helping small businesses do more with what they already have — and turning you, the marketer, into an army of one.

So how do you communicate this to upper management? We believe a well-laid strategy is the best place to start any marketing initiative, and we’ve put together the resources [...]

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No business is too small to overlook the benefits of maintaining a business blog.

We know, we know, easier said than done, right? Particularly for SMBs with limited time and resources, the prospect of brainstorming, writing, editing, publishing, and promoting content on a regular basis can seem more than challenging — it can seem impossible. And we really do understand: after all, we started the Pardot blog back when we still had a one-woman marketing department. So we’ve compiled the following four resources to try to simplify the blogging process — from idea conception to distribution and promotion — for marketing departments [...]

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We all know the benefits of maintaining a company blog, and regularly distributing valuable content to prospective buyers. But for many SMBs, this is a major case of ‘easier said than done.’ For marketing departments with limited time and resources, the amount of work that goes into writing, editing, publishing, and promoting a piece of content can make the prospect of regular blogging seem impossible — not to mention the hour and a half you spend staring blankly at the screen, racking your brain for new ideas to write about.

Luckily, we’re here to help out with that last bit. In this [...]

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It’s the first of the month, and you know what that means: time to announce our next monthly content theme! August’s theme is one that’s very close to our hearts as we return to our roots to talk about (drumroll, please!) marketing automation for small to mid-sized businesses.

Life as an SMB isn’t always easy—we know; we were one ourselves not too long ago. Without the huge budgets, countless resources, and available headcount that bigger companies have at their disposal, SMBs are constantly looking for ways to do more with less.

We think doing more with less is what marketing automation is all [...]

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As July draws to a close, we hope you’ve enjoyed our month-long theme of sales-related content — from social selling to marketing automation features for sales reps. We’ll still continue to revisit the topic of marketing automation for sales on our blog, but we also want to leave you with a few great content resources to keep up with. Whether you’re new to sales, a sales veteran looking to stay updated on trends, or a marketer trying to learn more about sales best practices (after all, sales-marketing alignment is a two-way street), we’d encourage you to check out the following [...]

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The lines are blurring between marketing and sales — and we have a lot to learn from one another. That’s right: contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just sales that can take a leaf out of marketing’s book; there’s a lot that marketers can learn from their sales counterparts as well. In today’s Smarter Marketing episode, Mathew Sweezey shares three crucial lessons that marketing can learn from sales. Check them out, and be sure to share your thoughts in our comments section!

1. Know your prospect.

Just because you aren’t on the phone with your prospects on a regular basis doesn’t mean [...]

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We’ve said it many times: marketing automation isn’t just for marketers — it also greatly benefits your sales team. And now we’re going straight to the experts to explain how: our own sales reps.

Our sales team doesn’t just sell Pardot, they’re also expert users of their own product. So we’ve compiled some of their insights and advice in our latest eBook, 25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales. Check out a sampling of what they had to say in the SlideShare below, and be sure to download the full eBook for more marketing automation best practices — for sales, from [...]

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