A lot of preparation go into sponsoring a marketing event. In the weeks prior, every working minute should be dedicated to preparing your booth, perfecting your messaging, and communicating internally to make sure everyone on your team is 100-percent ready for the big day…right?


If you want people to visit your booth, you need to let attendees know you’re going to be there — ahead of time. Giving your prospects and clients a heads up is an important part of event preparation — heck, finding out that they’ll be able to speak with a representative of your company face-to-face could be [...]

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When you go to send an email campaign, what all do you think about? Like any effective email marketer, you probably take time to consider who to send to, what to say, and the best time to send to improve your emails’ odds of being seen.

Why shouldn’t social media marketing entail the same careful consideration?

With today’s social tools and tracking, a little bit of analysis and a few simple adjustments can help you see more results from the time you invest in social media. So we recently set out to compile information about current trends, stats, and best practices in [...]

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87% of B2B marketers use social media as part of their content strategy. (CMI)

Think social media is only for your B2C counterparts? For flashy ad campaigns, product giveaways, and clever contests?

Think again.

True, when it comes to garnering fans, companies like Coca Cola may have an edge over, say, a B2B software vendor. But while the personal nature of social media made the early days of social marketing far more conducive to B2C, social media is now an integral part of most businesses’ marketing strategies, and B2B organizations are no exception.

However, the world of social media [...]

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What do the dates October 13 – 16 mean to you?

If you’re like us and over 130,000 other expected attendees, mid-October means one thing and one thing only: Dreamforce 2014.

As Dreamforce approaches and Dreamforce fever inevitably sets in, we’re excited to announce that our September content theme will focus around — you guessed it — events marketing. More specifically, we’ll be talking about how to use marketing automation and other technology solutions to rethink your approach to events and lead generation. Throughout the month of September, in addition to our larger discussion of marketing automation and B2B marketing best practices, we’ll be taking [...]

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To be honest, we’re a bit sorry to see August draw to a close (despite the impending long weekend). We’ve had a lot of fun this month, covering a topic that’s close to our hearts and allows us to delve into our not-so-distant past as a fast-growing SMB.

That’s right, this month we’ve talked all things SMB here on the Pardot blog, and we’ve covered everything from the perks of being small to the struggles of creating content with limited time and budget. Let’s take a look back at some of our top content of the month — and for SMBs [...]

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Last time on the Smarter Marketing Series, we talked about how businesses with limited resources can build out a robust RSS reader to create a steady stream of content ideas. In today’s video, we’re talking about the next step: what to do with these ideas, and how to turn them into effective, polished content. Check it out!

Turning Ideas into Content

Turning ideas from your RSS reader into blog fodder doesn’t have to be exhausting business (blog posts aren’t term papers, after all), but you can’t just repost someone else’s thoughts either. So take ideas from others and quickly add a little [...]

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Having trouble selling the C-suite on the need for marketing automation?

Particularly when you’re an SMB and strapped for budget and headcount, marketing automation can seem like a pretty significant investment — and it is. But as we’ve said before (and will say again), marketing automation can go a long ways towards helping small businesses do more with what they already have — and turning you, the marketer, into an army of one.

So how do you communicate this to upper management? We believe a well-laid strategy is the best place to start any marketing initiative, and we’ve put together the resources [...]

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No business is too small to overlook the benefits of maintaining a business blog.

We know, we know, easier said than done, right? Particularly for SMBs with limited time and resources, the prospect of brainstorming, writing, editing, publishing, and promoting content on a regular basis can seem more than challenging — it can seem impossible. And we really do understand: after all, we started the Pardot blog back when we still had a one-woman marketing department. So we’ve compiled the following four resources to try to simplify the blogging process — from idea conception to distribution and promotion — for marketing departments [...]

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