We’ve had a great time talking sales tactics for the past month, but it’s time to wrap up the month of July and get prepped for August. But first — take a look at a roundup of our top sales and marketing automation content below, from SlideShares to eBooks. Then, scroll to the bottom for our downloadable tip sheet featuring top sales tips from automation users.

Smarter Marketing: 3 Lessons Marketing Can Learn From Sales [VIDEO]

In this month’s Smarter Marketing episode, Mathew Sweezey covers three important lessons that marketers can learn from sales. From knowing your prospects to stage-based nurturing tactics, [...]

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So you’ve implemented a marketing automation tool and are well on your way to becoming an automation pro. The only problem is: you’re through with the basics and are ready to jump in with more advanced marketing automation tactics. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the first things you’ll start building in your automation tool are lists — lists of prospects, customers, and more — in order to fuel your email and nurturing campaigns. But what if you want to go beyond these simple lists to start building more targeted campaigns?

No problem! With marketing automation, you can build [...]

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If you’re a B2B company, your website is your livelihood — not to mention one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal. While it’s natural to want to devote 100% of your attention to redesigning your site in order to stay at the forefront of your industry, a web redesign might actually be the perfect time to consider implementing a marketing automation tool.

It sounds counterintuitive, I know. You have enough on your plate without having to think about implementing a new tool, but you can actually kill two birds with one stone by combining a web redesign and [...]

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Last week, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a live chat hosted by the folks at ScribbleLive. Our topic? “Content Marketing with Limited Resources” — a subject that we’ve discussed recently on the Pardot blog, and one that we place a lot of import on.

Pardot’s own content marketing team has grown from “army-of-one” Laura Horton to a small team of writers and designers, which gives us some perspective on the growing pains that small companies experience when trying to assemble an integrated content marketing strategy. We know what it’s like to be strapped for time and [...]

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One of the reasons that our Pardot sales team loves using marketing automation is because of its lead qualification capabilities. Traditionally, one of the largest sources of tension between marketing and sales teams is lead quality — but with an automation system in place, you can turn contention between your two teams into content.

How? You may have heard us mention a little something we like to call “blended lead scoring and grading.” By implementing a lead qualification system at your company, your marketing team can “screen” leads before they get sent to the sales team for follow-up. This system works [...]

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Just like with your New Years Resolutions or that P90x boxed set that’s collecting dust on your DVD shelf, everyone starts off using marketing automation with nothing but good intentions. But just like your New Year’s Resolutions and the aforementioned P90x tapes, people often don’t realize that success isn’t going to happen overnight.

This is exactly what causes marketers to encounter roadblocks with their new automation tools. According to a recent webinar hosted by Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Evangelist at Pardot, and Katie Melick, Implementation Coordinator, there are four reasons that people “fail” with marketing automation:

Cluelessness, i.e. shiny-object syndrome
Lack of correct content
Unwillingness to [...]

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Are you wondering how your sales team will benefit from a tool like marketing automation? Or, have you already invested in an automation solution, but can’t seem to get your sales team to adopt it? Our new eBook will provide you with the ammo you need to solve both of these questions. The best part? The advice provided comes directly from Pardot’s own sales reps, who are in the trenches working with marketing automation each and every day.

From personalized selling to email tracking and more, we talked to Pardot Business Development Reps, Account Executives, Sales Managers, and even our VP of Sales to [...]

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On Monday, we posted an article about the growing importance of social selling — and how to do it correctly. In an age where it’s become increasingly easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet, sales reps need to adapt their selling techniques in order to reach the buyers that… well, don’t want to be reached.

This brings us to social media. While we certainly don’t suggest or condone stalking your buyers over social media, these sites do provide the perfect stomping ground for sales reps. Your sales reps might find LinkedIn to be an especially valuable tool when it [...]

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