Back in April, we published a post about some updates that Google made to their search algorithm this Spring. Well, Google is at it again — but this time, they’ll be making some much-needed changes to Adwords URLs. According to Google, they “are introducing Upgraded URLs to provide an easier and faster way to manage and track important information about each click on your AdWords ads.” While Google has already begun rolling these changes out, advertisers can expect to see a forced migration on July 1.

This new update addresses a previously troublesome issue: in the past, altering the tracking parameters on […]

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In January, Salesforce Marketing Cloud released their exhaustive 2015 State of Marketing report, which catalogued insights and responses from more than 5,000 marketers across the globe. This month, they’re back with their 2015 State of B2B Marketing, a more concise look at the marketing industry as it applies to B2B marketers.

After surveying more than 2,100 B2B marketers, the Marketing Cloud report identified the following as the top three challenges faced by B2B marketers in 2015:

1. New business development (33%)

2. Quality of leads (32%)

3. Demand and lead generation (27%)

Interestingly enough, creating personalized, cross-channel customer experiences and original content — two notable areas […]

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Marketing automation features like lead nurturing and email marketing get a lot of the glory — but what about another underemphasized feature: autoresponders?

Autoresponder emails are emails that are deployed automatically, typically in response to a prospect action like filling out a form. These emails provide another way to get a tracked touch point with prospects or customers and lead them to interact more deeply with your site.

Autoresponders can be used to welcome prospects to a mailing list, send a link to requested resources such as white papers, confirm event registrations, or simply acknowledge that you have received a prospect’s inquiry […]

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Email isn’t dead — and Econsultancy recently released their 2015 Email Marketing Industry Census to prove it. With over 1,000 respondents participating, the Census took a look at the effectiveness of email marketing, resources required, industry trends, and more.

According to the study, 25% of companies rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ for ROI. In addition, respondents indicated that 20% of sales can be attributed to their email channel.

But in order to achieve these results — and grow your email programs over the next year — the Census also pinpoints a number of areas that marketers really need to focus on in […]

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A few weeks ago, we wrote a post explaining some of the most common scoring and grading scenarios that B2B companies might encounter when setting up a lead qualification model — and how to handle the different combinations of lead scores and grades.

Today, we’d like to build upon that discussion by offering up some essential lead scoring best practices. According to a 2015 study by Spear Marketing, 68% of B2B marketers are employing both behavioral and demographic scoring. It’s an encouraging statistic, but as the study further divulged, not all marketers are getting the most out of their lead scoring […]

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Here’s an interesting paradox: according to a January 2015 study by Regalix, generating leads and creating awareness were cited as the top objectives of content marketing by 83% and 76% of marketers, respectively — but a study by IDC states that as much as 80% of the content created by marketers isn’t even used by sales.

As much as 80% of content created by marketers isn’t even used by sales. Tweet This.

Can content really reach its full lead generation and awareness potential when sales doesn’t even know it exists? In an ideal situation, your sales team should be a primary proponent […]

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As sales reps approach their monthly, quarterly, or yearly quota, they can’t afford to waste time on leads who aren’t ready to close. Unfortunately, this means that leads often fall prey to neglect if they’re not sales-ready, and will turn toward your competitors when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.

The end of the quarter or year is when sales and marketing can really shine. By setting up programs to nurture leads over time, marketing can really enable sales reps to focus on the leads that are most likely to turn into a closed deal.

But marketing can’t do it all. Sometimes, […]

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Just yesterday, we published a new e-book that made the following promise: with Pardot marketing automation and Sales Cloud Engage (a new solution from Pardot launched just this week!), your sales and marketing teams can become the new power couple — no matter how at odds they may seem.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean “power couple” in the traditional Jay-Z and Beyonce sense. What we’re talking about are two teams that rely on each other to succeed. Two teams that work together, and two teams that win together.

Today, we’d like to offer another resource to take this idea one step further: […]

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