How much do you know about event marketing trends? If you’re a larger company with an impressive list of events on your schedule, then you probably know a good bit. But if you’re new to the event scene, or part of the X% that only attends one exhibition a year (can’t go giving away any answers to our quiz now!), then some additional insight into statistics and trends can go a long way toward informing your event strategy.

Using research from the Center of Exhibition Industry Research, Exhibit Surveys Inc., and Statista, we’ve created the following quiz to put your event [...]

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A few weeks ago, we released an interactive infographic that may very well be my favorite piece of content we’ve ever created. If you like hats (who doesn’t like hats?) and frequently feel overwhelmed by the number of roles you’re expected to fulfill at your company, this one is for you.

Many SMB marketers are performing an impressive balancing act while managing their company’s social media channels, demand generation strategies, email marketing, and more. And let’s face it, that’s a lot to handle (and handle successfully) for one person.

We understand the plight of the SMB marketer. After all, Pardot’s own marketing [...]

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Welcome to our new series on lead nurturing, where we’ll be taking a look at different types of lead nurturing campaigns in greater detail. Learn everything you need to know about use cases, timing, content, and more.

We get a lot of questions about lead nurturing here at Pardot. And we don’t blame you! With so many uses for nurturing programs and the different audiences that they can be used for, it can be hard to keep track of the types of emails you should send, when you should send them, the appropriate tone to use — well, you get the [...]

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When it comes to events, you want to get as much out of your efforts as you put in — and ideally, you want to get more. We know how big of an investment events can be, whether we’re talkin’ trade shows, virtual events, speaking gigs, or any other industry event. Once you’ve gone through the trouble of justifying your trip expenses, booking your flights, and designing your booth, at some point you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “This better be worth it.”

When B2B marketers were asked to identify which marketing tactic delivered the most ROI, trade shows and events emerged [...]

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When asked what you do on a daily basis, how often do you find yourself fumbling for an answer and landing on, “Well, I wear a lot of hats…”?

If you’re an SMB marketer, it’s probably quite frequently.

SMB marketers experience quite a few perks that their corporate cousins do not, but it’s safe to say that they’re limited in other ways — namely, by their time and resources. If you’re at an SMB, you don’t have a legion of full-time employees devoted to social media, demand generation, content creation, and email marketing. Chances are, you’re doing it all yourself.

On a daily basis, [...]

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At Pardot, we have a small team of content creators who are really passionate about what they do. That’s why we are so excited to announce that we have received several awards at this year’s Content Marketing Awards, “the leading awards program for people who create content for organizations.”

The Content Marketing Institute received over 1,100 submissions from seven different countries for these awards, and we are thrilled that Pardot’s content was chosen from among them.

The award that we’re most excited about goes to our blog, the first piece of content we ever created, and one that we’ve built into something [...]

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We’ve spent a lot of time this month talking about SMBs, but we want to do more than just look at their pain points and triumphs — we want to give you some hard data.

In May of 2014, Bredin, Inc. conducted a survey of 532 principals of U.S SMB companies and discovered some interesting sales trends among SMBs. The objective of the study? To give SMB marketers a current perspective on SMB sales preferences. If you’re an SMB marketer (or sales rep!) interested in the sales landscape, here are a few stats that you might find helpful to your marketing [...]

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You know you need content. And we know you know, so you can breathe a sigh of relief — we’re not here to hammer that into your head any more than it’s already been hammered.

When it comes to content creation, marketers are really starting to get it. It’s content execution, promotion, distribution, and measurement that are more common stumbling blocks — all the things that make up what we like to call a content campaign.

If you want to get the most out of each piece of content you create, you should be building out full campaigns with a premeditated strategy [...]

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